About wallet question

Hello everyone, I have some ADA, I want to ask some questions: The first question, in the newly created YORIO wallet, after I want to transfer the wallet and import the 12-digit mnemonic, the wallet cannot be restored, so it will prompt: restore An error occurred during block link address. How to solve it? The second question is, when the wallet is transferred, will the miner’s payment fee be paid by ADA in the original wallet? Or should I pay with ADA in the new YORIO wallet? The third question is, where can I download the new version of Daedalus Wallet? There is only one sentence on the official website: “We’re working on a new version of Daedalus normal right now. Please check back soon!”.

Hi. If you are going to use Daedalus then only use https://daedaluswallet.io/
There are scams going on right now so under no circumstances use the Google Play store.
Best of luck to you.