This wallet problem is not funny anymore

I lost count of how many times I need to restore my Daedalus wallet when I encounter a syncing issue. And it takes one whole day to do that in a third world country I am living in. I totally lose confidence with Daedalus and now want to try Yoroi instead. But it tells me “Error while getting addresses with funds” when I try to restore my wallet there.

Dear ADA team, fix your wallet. All those ambitious visions mean nothing when you can’t even make a functional wallet for the users. I am just so frustrated and disappointed.

I can image that it must hurt with a bad internet connection running Daedalus. The probably best thing you can do is: try it again and reproduce the bug in Yoroi, then go settings -> support and send the log file to the support.

Similar thread with no solution here: Error while attempting to transfer funds from Daedalus to Yoroi

Error message can be found also found in icarus as “api.errors.getAddressesWithFundsError”: it may be also related to a connection issue but I didn’t dig into it.

You may try send your ada fund to Infinito Wallet, it is working fine.

Or AdaLite