Error while attempting to transfer funds from Daedalus to Yoroi



I have followed the instructions here on how to transfer my funds from Daedalus to Yoroi, but I keep getting a

Unable to restore Daedalus wallet.
Error while getting addresses with funds.

error. I am positive I am using the correct recovery phrase for my Daedalus wallet and my Daedalus wallet is fully synced.

I am using:
Yoroi: v1.0.4
Daedalus v0.11.1
macOS v10.13.6

I am a little bit hesitant to post my full log file, but it contains the following errors:

daedalusTransfer::getAddressesWithFunds {
  "message": "Error(\"unable to parse ExtendedAddr: Expected(Array, UnsignedInteger)\", line: 1, column: 5525)",
  "name": "t",
  "stack": "t: Error(\"unable to parse ExtendedAddr: Expected(Array, UnsignedInteger)\", line: 1, column: 5525)\n


DaedalusTransferStore::setupTransferFunds {
  "message": "api.errors.getAddressesWithFundsError: {}",
  "name": "t",
  "stack": "t: api.errors.getAddressesWithFundsError: {}\n

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

This wallet problem is not funny anymore

I’m having the same issue. I’m tryin YOROI to see my balance. My 12 words is right also. I get the same messsge.

I’m trying to recuperate my funds. My daedalus wallet won’t sync. What is the minimum internet speed required to connect to network?


I don’t think it is a matter of internet speed, at least not in my case. I have contacted the Yoroi helpdek directly. They said they most likely have found the cause of the problem and are working on a solution at the moment. So should be fixed soon.


Thank you very much.

My reference to internet speed was for the Daedalus Wallet connecting to the network issue.