Accidentally trf nft from nami wallet to yoroi using ccvault

I accidentally trf nft from nami wallet to yoroi using ccvault. Cause i cant login to my nami wallet using different pc, so i attempt to trf my ada (only ada) in nami wallet to yoroi wallet using cc vault. But then i find out that my nft transfered too. And now i accessed my nami wallet then vola my nft is gone. What should i do? Please help me. Tq

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Simply restore your wallet (the one you are using on Nami right now) on ccvault with your seedphrase and then you should see your NFT’s again.

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Is it okay if in my nami extension (chrome) the nft is gone?

What probably happened:

Nami is different than the other wallet apps in that it only sees and uses the first address of a wallet.

When you used that wallet with ccvault, it created a transaction, where some ADA were transferred to your other wallet in Yoroi, but the change – the things that should be kept in the Nami/ccvault wallet – was returned to another address that Nami cannot see anymore. So, that NFT vanished from Nami, but should still be visible in ccvault.

That is totally normal. All wallet apps use newly generated addresses for change. Only Nami is different, because they think it is simpler.

What you can do:

In ccvault “Settings” you can activate “Single Address Mode”. Then it will also use only the single address that Nami can see.

To repair what already has been moved away from the address visible to Nami, you can send everything in that wallet to this first address:

  • Enable “Send All” in ccvault “Settings”.
  • Copy the single address from Namis “Receive” tab.
    (For extra safety, you can compare it to the “Receive” address in ccvault. After activating single address mode, they should be the same.)
  • Go to “Send” in ccvault, paste the single receive address of this Nami/ccvault wallet.
  • Choose “Send All” in the next step and confirm the transaction.

This should repair it, so that the wallet looks the same in Nami and ccvault again. And – due to single address mode – it should not divert again.

(Transactions take a while at the moment, especially in ccvault. Be patient.)

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Understood, i’ll try it. Thank you very much sir

Can i send all my asset from the first nami wallet to another new nami wallet?

If you want to, you can of course do that.

If the funds are not visible in Nami, because they are still on different addresses. you can keep it imported in ccvault, create the new one in Nami, and send from ccvault to Nami.

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