ADA Following a separate trend in Crypto market

Hello guys;
Since I began to invest on ADA, whenever I checking the cryptocurrencies curves, it’s obvious to me that CARDANO (ADA) has its own way of price variation! Unlike most of the other coins, which usually just follow Bitcoin’s going up and down.
I believe this presents the independent style of ADA and the fact that it’s not leaning to markets noises!
Then fewer losses on ADA, in the case Bitcoin/Ethereum being banned or hacked somewhere!
Let me know what do you think :slightly_smiling_face:

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Personal opinions:

    • Banning crypto, any kind of crypto will be impossible at this point, and was impossible from day one because of the decentralised model
  • the most that govs can do is strangle the market with heavy regulations or cutting access to exchange points
  • mass population does not yet differentiate between the various different products (cryptos, tokens)
    • When making the comparison you have to take in to account the following:
  • Cardano/Ada are different as a product then BItcoin and Etherium (closer to Etherium but also different)
  • the development stage of Cardano is different the Bitcoin and Etherium, (one is almost a mature individual, one is a young person, Ada is still a baby growing)
  • because of the difference in the development stage you will also get a difference in the type of investors, Ada will be speaking to those that can look 5-10 years in advance, and can afford to wait for that long with

3- if I add 1+2, my own 3 looks like this:

  • when bad news affects the space, Ada will suffer, (because most people do not yet differentiate)
  • when good news happenes on the BTC, Eth … Ada will probably not benefit from those news (because it is a difference in development stage, product and type of investors that will attract)
  • if indeed It proves that large investors believe in the long term potential of Ada/Cardano, then they will use any play in the book to actually push the price down or cap it even if there are reasons for growth (For large investors is not about money tomorrow, is about control the day after tomorrow)
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I think you are right. Ada was engineered differently from scratch for one thing, so it will follow her own curve. Plus I like the 31 billion coins on the market with a 45 billion. I think that gives people the flexibility to both HODL and spend before the coin requires the use of several numbers to the right of the decimal place to spend, or buy more.

It is both a good and a bad thing in the short term that Ada has her own trajectory, but long term this is definitely good.

It is trying and we can see first signals as independed markets, but it is way too early to say that cardano is not depends on btc price, it will need much more time, because true value does not creating in several years.

Best time to sell ada when it moves against btc and vise versa. Personally I am waiting 1.4 euros price untill stock market crash