ADA POS question

  1. I heard that “pos” will open in March 2018.
    What exactly is the date?

  2. If I want to participate in pos,
    how many should I have at least a few ada?

The date hasn’t been decided yet but expected Q2. I’m fairly sure there won’t be a minimum stake but I don’t know whether that’s actually been stated, or even decided.

POS basically means the more you have the higher your stake. In this world the higher your stake the more power/influence you can have. Think of 1 ADA vs 10000 ADA. Which should have more importance? What you buy or hold is up to you. I doubt March will be the start date. Q2 has April, May, June if target is met.

Hi @carda, if you are interested in staking, there is a comprehensive post on this by @MegaWind.
You can find the thread here.

FYI in a recent interview Charles mentioned that the staking component should be fine tuned around the end of June, but they will roll it out sooner for testing purposes.

Exactly, to anyone thinking it’s going to be February, or maybe March or even April – Charles said it would most likely be June. Can’t remember which interview it was, he seems to be doing one every one or two days lately, and that’s great!