ADA Seed Recovery Phrase Storage (Steel Tablets?)

@Jonny22 sure water is a problem. so is fire and lots of other things.

However, when you use Shamir Backup, this adds 2 advantages above the single passphrase method.

  1. when 1 of the 10 is found by a bad boy, they still dont get access. (since you can set to need 5 out of 10).
  2. when you lose 2 because of water (or just can’t find them anymore) you still have 8 other pieces, 5 of which are still enough. So you can also spread you code at various locations.
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@CryptoTorben Had a quick look at Cobo, do you tell them your seedphrase(s) and they will etch in steel for you? They offer 180 days shipping data retention period, you could ask to delete your data if your shipment has not arrived successfully.
Or do you create the seedphrases using the metal letter sheets or Cobo tablet punch? Some DIY involved? Curious how this works.