ADA Seed Recovery Phrase Storage (Steel Tablets?)

Where do u peeps store your Recovery Phrases?? From what I checked most Steel Tablets (Cryptosteel, Billfodl) use BIP-0039 phrases wherein only the first 4 letters of each word are important. And are usually for Cold Storage wallets.

But Cardano’s seed phrases are different right wherein u need to put the whole word? Lookin for a product/place to store my yoroi phrases.

Basically just crowdsourcing hehe or maybe u peeps can make one hehe

Hey @migssby

As far as i know you only need the first 4 letters for every word to complete it in a unique way.

But im not 100% sure about that.


I know thats for Cold wallets but how bout for the Hot Wallets (Yoroi)?
I remember seeing a video of someone trying to recover an ADA wallet and the whole phrase had to be typed in with all letters

You will need to enter the all word’s letters

image image image



Thats correct but you have an auto complete and with the first 4 letters theres only 1 word left.


Correct, there is no match for the first 4 letters


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ohh so its still BIP-0039 but you just have to manually search for it and input it if u only have 4 letters?

so that means I can still use the Steel Tablets to save my passphrases?

you can try, create a wallet for test (send 1 Ada for test), bkp also the seedwords and try with passphrases;

I did it very “simple” :grinning:
I have printed them out on a piece of paper. For that i have ensured, that im not connected to the internet and that my program doesnt save it on my computer.

This paper is now in a safe deposit box, which is in the strongroom of a bank. For that purpose banks are very great! I mean this boxes are airtight, fireproof and waterproof. In this conditions, a piece of paper is “surviving” at least around 100 years. Additional i would say, right here in Germany, there is the risk that somebody break into your home and is stealing your passphrase higher, than the risk that somebody break into the strongroom of a big bank.

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I write them down on a piece of paper (at least 2 times) and put them in different places just in case I lose one of them. We’re not advised to save our passwords or passphrases online such as in an email, in case our email account gets hacked etc.

Read a book, “Bitcoin Billionaires” regarding the Winklevoss brothers. In the early days, they cut up their passphrases and opened something like over 10 different bank accounts in different states in America, got safety deposit boxes in each bank and put their part-passphrase there! Highly recommend this book.

Too complicated but they were really scared someone could get their Bitcoin!
Luckily we can go back to the basics! LOL

Hi Jonny,
Bitcoin and crypto is about decentralisation. Putting your Bitcoin’s passphrase in a bank (aka centralised) can be a risk when the banks decide to take a haircut. Search Google for what happened in Cyprus. When their austerity measures were tough and their banks collapsed. Banks were closed, ATMs only allowed like EU80 per day per person! Banks were scared the people would demand their money. There isn’t enough cash in banks to give to the people.
You could find another place(s) for your passphrase…
I hide mine in a few places …

Hey @sydney993

i understand your concern about my way to secure my passphrase. For me its a though about how high the risk is. You never can get a complete safe place for it, you only can make it harder to get the phrase.

I only can speak about germany. I know the problems because i work for a bank ( :grinning: yes i work for the traditional system and support the new one i know.) . The risk that a bank rush and a collapse of the credit unions and trusted saving banks will happen in germany is very very low and even then the bank cant open my safe deposit box without me - ok they can if they blow up there own strongroom, but then they would even destroy the paper with the passphrase on it.
If i get notice that they try to open it or that they wont let me open my own safe deposit box, i just create a new wallet and send the ADA i have to the new one.

Sooo in fact if someone would get into the strongroom, find exactly my safe deposit box around thousands of them, can open it without destroying it and know what to do with 24 words that are written on a paper and this all without get noticed from me, my bank or the police then i could say he have earned the money. :joy:

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I practically did the same too but i thought over the long term these papers and inks are pretty fragile and can decay when you’ve forgotten about them. Just think its something we should all consider as a little insurance.

maybe some laminate over them haha but would really prefer some metals based cards or something and preferably with the capacity to fill the whole word just to be safe hehe

Over the long term, paper is more sustainable than the most think. Long-Term Durability on Wikipedia DE Please excuse but this text is only on german. This depends on how much quality the paper have, but every paper today “survive” at least 70 years and the high quality paper at least over a 100 years.

Laminate would do the opposite. Because of the plastic and the softener in it attacks the paper. There are some special laminates with the purpose of archiving but they are, i think so, very expensive.

That’s only in Yoroi, Daedalus does autocomplete.

Where do u peeps store your Recovery Phrases??

I use Cobo Tablets for all my seed phrases.

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You might consider Shamir Backup.

It is supported by trezor model t.

With this you can split your passphrase into multiple sets of passphrases where you for example might create a set of 5 where you need at least 3 to get access. You can then put these 5 sets at various locations whereby losing one or two would not be a problem and also having 2 sets still would not give someone access.

More info.

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what about water?

Ok yeah,
water is a big enemy of paper. So for me, i have rent the waterproof safe deposit box.

If you live in an area with high air humidity or in the near of a coast or water in general, paper isnt the best solution.
The others have already post some good solutions and there are a few more. Be creative, us the solution where you think it is the best for you and your assets. The Ledger for example offers: Ledger - Cryptosteel capsule
This one ist fireproof, waterproof and shock-resistant.


You can buy a waterproof capsule from ebay with only 2-3$


Hi Jonny,
It’s good to have options. I never put anything in the bank deposit boxes after hearing about banks being closed.
Please check “Greek banks haircut” crisis in 2015 when banks were closed, people queued to use ATMs. People feared banks would consider the haircut' of 30% on deposits over EU8,000. Cyprus had bail-in’ in 2013 which hit deposits over EU100,000. I’m not sure what happened in Greece, reading only the Google search results. You’re in transition from trad. bank to crypto. Maybe more of your banking friends can follow your example.
If it’s just a piece of paper with your seedphrase, you can’t change this seedphrase. You can change the password to some accounts but seedphrase stays the same.
Fortunately there are many more safer ways to store our seedphrases and other important info… I see some good suggestions by other readers.