ADA showing zero onYoroi,Adalite,Exodus. PLEASE HELP

I recently set up an ADA account using Yoroi. At the point of delegation, my trezor device did not respond to touch. After repeated attempts, i restored my my computer and subsequently reinstalled the yoroi chrome extension. But when i reconnected my Trezor wallet, my ADA balance was showing zero. i have tried connecting my trezor to adalite,but it is still showing zero. I even restored my trezor on an exodus wallet with the hope that my balance, which is still showing on cardano blockchain,will show in exodus, but it is still showing zero. I have written to yoroi and trezor support but i have not heard from them yet. please help.

You can try to restore your trezor wallet (if u have 24 security words) but read carefully before

Thank you once again Alex. My trezor device is not responding. Like you suggested, i have wiped it but the touch screen keeps hanging at some point. That was what made made me unable to delegate in yoroi before all this problems started. I am beginning to think that the device is faulty. I am ordering another device and will restore the old one into it.

Ok, then your ada are safe… try to update it or check on trezor aplication who knows… maybe u are lucky

Could be a bug… so u need to check the firmware… what version do u have?

Hi Alex, my trezor is the model T

How do i fix the 404 not found error when connecting trezor to yoroi. i


Perhaps some applications blocking your trezor connection (check fw, etc); try with another browser or clear cache of your browser…

Also check if trezor has the latest firmware


Thank you very much Alex.

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