ADA stable coin ?

I’m looking for a stable coin (or at least not too volatile) to swap from BTC to this “stable coin”.
Can ADA at its current low value in FIAT and with a quite low volatility be a good trading pair with BTC ?

Feel free to give your opinion ! Pros & cons of such a strategy.

Today I trade BTC against EUR, but I would like to trade against a not too volatile altcoin, not a real stablecoin in $ or €.

Even in French, an interesting article !

The chart showing correlation of main tokens toward BTC in 2019 is understandable for English speakers !

I think I will set my bot to use XTZ as a support when I sell BTC. It is one of the less correlated for the moment. Even I have the feeling that ADA can win soon a position of “stable coin” if it wins adoption !,btc-xtz,ada-btc,btc-xrp