ADA staking compensation : 25% in real?

According to latest article regarding POS compensation of ADA, the guideline is mentioned in the article as below link.

Wow, if this is real, "to the moon " is just around corner I believe.

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This is not real, rewards and incentives are not officially declared yet. Just another very mediocre website trying to FOMO people in.

The author probably has a position in ADA and wants to pump the price with an unsourced claim. I would even dare to say: if the rewards for staking are 25%, i will get a tattoo on my ass. The community can choose the tattoo :smile:!


LOL @Bullish, I believe so. Reoprter holds ADA too much maybe.

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Haha yes, but i don’t think you can hold to much :ada: :wink: . We saw this happening some months ago when websites were making very bold claims about big news being presented on the upcoming meetup in London.

My guess is that some pump and dump groups control a lot of these generic sites. Or it may be wishfull thinking on the author’s part.

Best to get your news from the official channels if you want to be sure of the quality :slight_smile:.

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Sure. Investor should be reaponsible for their own asset with many various possibilities inclusive of fake news.
But may of Koreans love ADA for its transparancy of progress of roadmap which published officially at the site periodically.


@TommyTommy, but the article just says:

25% portion of the block reward is placed in Cardano to ensure the growth of the ecosystem.

It just means that “miners” basically give a quarter of all their profit to the system treasury. This is the long known fact and will most probably be somewhere around this number, yes. Maybe corrected to 20%. No official info for now, but seems about right.

So it means that, for example:

  1. Imagine, I’m a slot-leader, and it’s my slot
  2. I have a bunch of transactions in my mempool to be included in the chain
  3. I cram as many of those boogers into my new block as I possibly can
  4. The fees of all transaction that I put into block sums up to 700 ADA
  5. The minting process adds 1000 ADA of fixed reward for my new block
  6. So the total block-reward is 1700 ADA
  7. Of this total reward I send 25% to the treasury address and 75% to my own address
  8. Treasury gets 425 ADA
  9. I get 1275 ADA

That’s what 25% about. It has nothing to do with the staking profit returns :slight_smile: Those as we known could be around ~8-10% for the first years.


@vantuz-subhuman , Aha. Make sense finally. Thanks.

If this happens, post pics :wink:


If this happens i will make a video about it :wink:.