Ada to coinmarketcap #15?


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My trend line shows #14 most likely, #15 very likely before shooting up to #3 next year. Likely after Coinbase addition and decentralization. BTC will lose dominance 30-40% chance. POW is overtaxing and POS has better use case for long term support and development. End of year, it is possible that Cardano is #1 but my model does not account for a lot and too many unknowns out there. Leader looks to be XRP @ #1. Strange enough but maybe some data points I’m missing out on.

Regulation has to occur as this is the case in my model. Also ETF funds have to enter the market. Without this Ada doesn’t move as fast. Hopefully exchange is approved in Feb. Final say is due and cannot be pushed out further. Since no more extensions it’s s yes or no for sure, hopefully yes.

If so, we may be in for a serious mooning with Ada. Still need to hammer out some things and other data points tho. For some oddball reason XRP keeps showing up as best performer even without CB addition. Gotta hi back they the data and scrub. I think I missed something.

What do you guys think?? I’m thinking I’ll add to my XRP. I was thinking Dash would make some gains but nope. So I’m stuck with that for now until the price nudges up a big then I’m out of that.

In terms of big cap coins, I recently bought some eth, xrp, btc and xmr. xrp is very centralized, prime candidate for crazy pumps. That being said, I don’t think the bottom is in yet. Loving this action so far.

I’m loving this right now too. Anyone have thoughts on Dash compared to Ada?

Short term: If Dash gets over 2500 ADA there’s a good chance that it will go on growing faster. If on the other hand it falls below 2000 ADA there’s a high probability that it will go on being sub-average. :innocent: Long term expectations: Sunny for Cardano.

Cardano won’t see daylight until next year. I’m seeing this go under .02 real soon and likely down to .014. It’s possible that it goes lower at first glance but that’s far out there.

This is not financial advice. I am not a financial consultant. Any person investing in cryptocurrencies should consult with a financial advisor before investing as they will likely lose their portfolio or their entire investment investing in cryptocurrencies.

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