ADA transfer gone


I am hoping to find a solution to my mistake that i did a couple of days earlier.

I bought ADA in the end of 2019 and was in for the staking since it started with the testnet. After they announced the release of the success i downloaded the daedalus wallet (version 1.6) and used it to transfer my inital investment to binance. And saw my rewards in the daedalus wallet.

A couple of days ago i saw that the mainnet (version 2.0) was upp and running so i thought for to send over the ADA from binance to the new wallet… I accidentally opened the testnet version and sent them to that adress.
I have been in contact with the IOHK support and they told me that there was nothing they could do for me, that the ADA was gone.

I am reaching out hoping that someone has had similar issues but with a solution.

Hey @Anwar_al-egli

I think if you already contacted IOHK and they told you that your Ada is gone, they are really gone…

Im sorry for you.

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As far as i know you cant send ada from binance to itn wallet , so please contact binance and submit request ticket


Yes as Basia stated, a transaction from mainnet to testnet is impossible.

Exchanges work differently, transaction there are not recorded on the blockchain, you do not actually hold your ada when using an exchange. So the exchange may have recorded your transaction, however it’s not a possible transaction, so contacting the exchange usually solves this problem.

Now I am saying usually, because some exchanges don’t warn users that transactions to the ITN are not possible. I am pretty sure Binance doesn’t allow it. So you may have sent the ada to a different mainnet wallet than you were expecting. Maybe check all your wallets


I am really sorry for your lost. But, I think this is valuable lesson for all of us. I just want to gives you some advise that might help you and other in the future.
just before you send all your ADA from exchange or anywhere else. Especially in big amount. Try to send 3 or 5 ADA to that wallet and see if that is working. If you receive it. Then continue with the rest. If not, ask the exchange or in this forum, what have you done wrong.
So, even if you lost it, you just lost 5 ADA.
Good luck.

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Thank you for the answers, i will try to contact binance and will ofcource update this thread with the answer i get!
@basia @Lgbeano

Thank you for the help!