Ada trapped as I cannot move my ada

Have been unable to move my ada via yoroi for months. Using chrome ext with nano x. Bal and rewards are correct: synchs ok. Have never voted. Go thru the push-both-buttons on nano sequence up to ‘confirm’ and get a server error. Looks really good up to the end.

Tried firefox with adalite. Dowloaded its ext., but not sure if it hooks up internally on its own or I need to do something. Fails to link to ledger thru any of the options: hid, usb, default, etc.

Tried firefox/adalite thru chrome. Connects to ledger. I export public keys. Information downloaded, but the wallet that opens is zero balance. Move back over to chrome/yoroi and correct bal is there. Cannot send redelegate, withdraw rewards, etc.

Have tried using nano x with cable and by bt.

Thank you.

On yoroi near wallet name… it’s saying ledger?