ADAFR low carbon footprint Stake Pool with high pledge

Hello, my name is Régis. I’m a software developer with some sysop skills. Let me present ADAFR, a french pool powered by low carbon footprint electricity (FR).

ADAFR runs on 3 bare metal servers hosted in France ( block producer + 2 relays ) + a backup server.

We were already present during the ITN where ADAFR gave among the best ROS : 11.6%. During the haskell testnet our performances were also excellent : 97% of blocks produced were added to the blockchain.

We have a high pledge of 3M ADAs which gives the pools slightly better rewards…

You will be able to access easily the full history of your rewards on the pool website and download datas in csv / excel format.

Join us ! Sustainable low fees, high performances, High pledge. We are there for the long run !

Ticker : ADAFR
Fixed fee : 340 ADA (minimum)
Variable fee : 1.85 %
Plegde : 3M ADA
Pool ID : 42c3740db23c3fc36cb9f63aa8070ec01417b4d22893463c8c8a21d4
Website :
Twitter: @adastakingfr
Telegram channel : @adafr_stake_pool

Very nice Pool. ITN was a great success.

One of the best french Pool.
Nice pledge

Go ADAFR :rocket: