Adalite - transport interface not available error

Hi there,

Been able to connect seamlessly to adalite whenever needed with ledger nano x - today confronted by the following error upon trying to connect.

TransportInterfaceNotAvailable: Unable to claim interface.

I can confirm that other resources/wallets (non-cardano) can connect with my ledger fine, all are disconnected, including ledger live.

I am using adalite/nano x via apple, google chrome. I’ve restarted the mac clean, shut all apps possible, browser windows - and attempted connect via the hardware wallet web usb route as all times previously which have worked great.

Any suggestions? thanks.

Change the browser, if I remember well could be some issues with chrome

Thanks but this doesn’t work, in fact with safari it’s now a different error.

TransportCanceledByUser: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘navigator.usb.getDevices’).

Ok I’ve now discovered I can’t connect with another non-ledger wallet either. Ledger live still seems to work fine. Anyone encountered this before or have any suggestions? Ledger web site is not particularly helpful.

Ok further update - looks like a browser update is causing the issue, and particularly pertinent to several non-ledger wallets. Chromium browsers in particular. This is a live issue today.

As a matter of fact, Chrome/Chromium was reusing part of Safari code base. I do not know if that’s still the case, though.