Yes, it is possible. We will discuss it with the team. Thank you.


Binance_1 and Binance_2 excluded:

Binance_1, Binance_2, IOHK_2 and CardanoFoundation_2 excluded:

What do you think? Is it worth to be added?


More data is better, provided you can implement it without negatively impacting the user experience.

There isn’t much variance between the distribution charts with those addresses excluded so it might not be worth the development effort and maintenance for you and the team.

It would be great if we knew the Emurgo and other exchange addresses.


We need help of community for addresses identification. I use Binance and Bittrex, so it was easy for me to find Binance addresses, because I’ve withdrew some ADA from it.

As for Bittrex, I tracked down their Redeem Address but still, there should be cold wallet somewhere.

But there are more exchanges, obviously addresses with high amount of transactions belongs to some exchanges and we need your help guys, maybe someone use Upbit, Kraken, Huobi etc. So help is really appreciated.

List of Exchanges Addresses

Hello everybody. New version have been released.

Update (5.11.2018) This update dedicated to UI cleanup:

  • replace most of the icons
  • remove redundant colors
  • more readable addresses format
  • add a footer with contacts and donation address
  • other minor UI fixes

Shoutout to @yanik from for this release.



A stats page could be cool. Not sure how much work that would be on your backend.

Anything that makes sense that other cryptos usually add such as average stats about blocks over rolling time periods (1 hour, 24 hours, 1 week) involving: transaction values, transaction count, transactions per second, transaction size, block fees, block size.

Perhaps either as straight stats or maybe with charts. First place that came to mind that you may find inspirational is


It’s on the list, thank you for the link.


I am extremely impressed by your work. Keep it up! Your site will help this community thrive as it is so important to have a clean/fast blockchain explorer that is accurate and fun to use!
I’m intrigued about how you built it. What web dev stack are you using?

Congrats!!! :clap: :100: :+1:


Thank you for kind words.

We are getting failed abuse reports from web server almost every day, so I prefer to keep stack unnamed :laughing:

Sorry about that.


No worries Bovich!


Update (08.11.2018):

My Rank is a separate page now with more fun features:

  • Get current fiat value of your ADA balance (10+ currencies supported)
  • Find out what was ATH value of your holdings
  • How far are you from top X number of addresses?


Real nice explorer !
Just a question : would it be possible to open links in a new tab rather than leaving the explorer page when clicked ? For example, the links on top (Tel, Forum, Guardians) open directly on top of the explorer page.

For info: I use macOS Mojave - Safari.


Thank you!

Links should open in a new tab now.


That was fast ! Cheers !


I had to make another quick video. I’ve been waiting for a feature like this for awhile. Sorry for spamming. Thank you. :slight_smile:


I really like the check you rank feature. Do you think you could add how much a person could make per month/year by staking his ADA in USD, etc. ?

I know this value depends on how much total stake there is, but you can give a range say from 15B to 25B and show the total returns before stake pool fees. You could present the info in the same way with current ADA/USD exchange rate and at ATH.

It would just put things in perspective for those who are interested in staking.


In case of 30% (10B) coins staked it will be about 5% yearly and at 80% (25B) profit is around 2%. (according to

I thought that this is not very exiting information to show and also it is not precise, because there are much more variables used, too much assumptions.

We may add it after the stacking launch though. In such case it won’t be misleading at least.


Great work!


Update 14.11.18

  • We’ve added some promotional links for valuable ecosystem projects (in our opinion).

@RobJF @philpa


Love the updates! Keep them coming!