Adding a hardware wallet to existing pool - did not delegate to pool before starting

I followed these steps to add a hardware wallet as a second owner of my existing pool.

except that I didn’t notice step 1 that says to delegate the wallet to the pool. It’s been a couple epochs and I see the second owner on adapool, but it shows as inactive

Would that be why it shows inactive? I just delegated the wallet to the pool just now and it still shows inactive. To I need to wait a couple more epochs before I can move ADA my pledge to that wallet? Do I need to register the pool again with both owners now that I delegated the second one?

The second owner should be viewable almost immediately.

I see two owners, are one of these yours?



I saw the second owner almost immediately in adapool
but if I click on the second owner, its status shows as inactive in red. That’s the part that doesn’t look right.

You need to register it on the blockchain. CNtools → Wallet → Register

I don’t use cntools. What would be the cardano-cli equivalent of that command?
I have already submitted a

cardano-cli stake-pool registration-certificate

that contains both owners verification keys, but that was before the new wallet was delegated to the pool. Do I need to send another pool registration transaction now what it is delegated?


This command registers the stake certificate:

Thanks for all the answers. Looks I just needed to wait a bit after delegating to the pool from the hw wallet using Yoroi. That must have done the stake registration for me.
It is showing active now in adapools