All my ADA stolen from Daedalus!

If your computer is not hacked, you have no way of losing your funds. There is no way Daedalus would “lose” your funds. I don’t know what you did but what you describe is highly improbable. But it is quite likely you don’t know how things work so you are trying to make sense of it all by making conjectures within the realm of your understanding.

The best way would be for you to get familiar with how blockchain works and try to get a fresh version of Daedalus installed. Then sync it completely. If your computer isn’t hacked your funds will be there.

In fact you don’t even have to install Daedalus. If you have your wallet addresses you will see your funds on the blockchain itself.


I see the same 10 transactions as @Upwardbound

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@Doctor4e do you have your 12-word Daedalus recovery passphrase?

Safety and software are essentials. I know you know this, but do you have Malwarebytes, etc installed? Advanced programs help, but utilmiately its like life. Where you go rubs off on you.

Sorry for your lost coins mate. This might make you feel better, ive lost more than that sending coins to an address I hit a 1 after pasting the correct address in. Money is gone, forever. Stolen from myself if you will.

Ledger support is funny, cause its a standard, but also slower to get than expected.

Something will happen to make those obsolete. Not cold storage, the Nano. Not sure what yet.

So looking at the address where your ADA has been moved to:

I doubt some program would steal your ADA transfer it to a completely new address and let it just stay there for longer then 10 days without further moving it and splitting it around.

Is it not possible you created a new Wallet and transfered your ADA there somehow accidently?

It just doesn´t feel like a pattern any hacker would implement …

Anyway keep watching this Address as if nothing happens in the next few weeks, then I doubt it was hacked.


That was my first thought given the numerous withdrawls. Also, they would go to an exchange at that point? Do thevies hold the same coin or exchange them?

There is only one withdrawal for ADA5.99k. The numerous transactions are all deposits/inputs for the last withdrawal.

@Doctor4e. There is a chance that your Daedalus isn’t fully synched and you don’t see the last transaction. If possible try restoring your wallet on a new computer and see if you can find your funds there.

A long shot but, who knows… it might work.


Are you sending your Win-10 typing history out into the wild web?

If you are, you should stop doing that:

Start > Settings > Privacy > Speech, inking & typing

Turn off speech services and typing suggestions

Creepy isn’t it.


I had two hacks in my NEON wallet. TWO different wallets! To the second i sented the airdrops an token i knew they wil come into my account. 3-4 months later this account, which i only a few times where in with passphrase. Everybody tells me my computer must be compromised…hahaha…i am sure it is not! Why is tere no further securitystep on Neon or daedalus? Why can a thief do whatever he wants to, when he is in? This is to criticize…to give all the guilt to the users is too easy…and believe me, you will get no help. Only stupid posts from guys which are think from themself, they are the greatest.

With Daedalus i had also a lot of problems, cause i didn´t sync. I asked for help at zendesk or IOHK…over month only very little help, after a few weeks no help anymore…after 6 months i installed on a new computer (which i bought only for this) daedalus and it worked.
Since then i scrapped all DT wallets. The most coins/token i have are now on huge Exchanges. EOS on their blockchain, cause they really have a senseful and good security system with double keypairs. You can stake your token, to unstake needs three days, you get alert whenever something is going on in your accounts. So…what is stone age and what is the future?

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We are at the birth of a new tremendous technology. Engaging with it in these early days is full of risk and uncertainty. Hopefully with patience and hard work, the people working on and with this technology will figure out these teething problems we face.

After watching the IOHK and Cardano Foundation videos on youtube, members of the project have openly admitted that the early versions of the wallet had many issues, both for users and exchanges, which is why they have been busy building a new wallet from scratch which will hopefully address the Daedalus wallet issues you had (version 1.4).

I agree with you regarding the incredibly slow progress that has been made in regards to cold offline storage of your private keys. We have waited 1 year patiently, and still have no simple tool to assist in the creation of offline paper wallets which should really be a top priority. But each day we are getting closer to this goal. We just have to wait in the meantime and hope that either: 1) If you are storing ADA on an exchange, they don’t get hacked. or 2) When setting up a hot - online paper wallet, your machine/network was not compromised. Neither option is satisfactory.


I do keep my Daedalus on a virtual machine, I keep the machine off and bring it on only to receive ada from exchange or shynchronize, is there any possibility of my wallet get stolen like this caste happend, as per my understanding if the machine is off the wallet is safe. Can some one confirm it please.

I believe that is true unless of course someone steals your seed words then they can create a duplicate wallet and steal them that way.

Running Daedalus in a VM can protect the host OS environment from Daedalus to some degree, but not the other way around. So if the host OS is used as the “daily driver” for web browsing etc., then no, this doesn’t secure Daedalus.

It’s slightly harder for an attacker to get to your private key files if stored on the VM, but not impossible. Keylogging your recovery phrase or the spending password on the host OS and doing a screen capture is the same with or without a VM.


What if the user encrypts the VM virtual hard drive? The turns off the VM? I have not tried this yet.

There has to be a way to decrypt it, a key file or a password. This can be lifted off the virtualization host along with the VM disk image.

If the hypervisor is compromised, which I guess @Lathef is trying to protect against, it’s all over.

I applaud you for taking the extra work in making your wallet more secure, but a VM is not going to help you much, if at all.

Why? Online keys are exposed to hackers. See Qubes-os for how difficult it is to operate a secure VM environment.

The best way right now is to create a paper wallet certificate, with the following caveats:

  1. When saving the pdf file for printing and verifying do NOT save or view on Daedalus computer, instead save to a removable flash drive, which is promptly ejected from the computer. Take that flash drive to an air-gapped (not connected to any network ever) computer, enabling viewing and verifying of the paper certificate offline. I use Raspberry-pi computers for air-gapped work, they never go online and are low cost.
  2. Write the additional 9 words down on a piece of paper.
  3. If on windows, when typing in the 27 words to verify your certificate use a virtual keyboard like Oxynger KeyShield.

The trick when only using a virtual keyboard is doubling the last letters, then delete one, Daedalus will then expose the appropriate word choice, which is clicked, advancing to next recovery word.

Like so, click on the revealed word:

After every word, change the virtual keyboard layout (overkill but I do this):

Some of the security features it offers:

I’m targeting the most likely attack vectors, grabbing the pdf certificate and logging keystrokes.

By not viewing or saving the paper certificate on an internet machine, the pdf is safe, by the way, scrub that flash drive so no one can recover your certificate. As Daedalus requires us to input the 27-word paper wallet recovery phrase, using a virtual keyboard thwarts key, mouse and screen capture loggers.


Thanks for sharing this information Jotunn.

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Thank you Jotunn for the detailed explanation.

Just to clarify one more point, is there any way to send my ADA if my Deadalus wallet is offline, as I understand ADA can be send only from Deadalus wallet. Please clarify if I’m wrong. I’m inside a corporate network.

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