All my ADA stolen from Daedalus!


Not at the moment, but it will be possible using Yoroi, the Google Chrome extension light wallet.


funny thing this countdown news roadmap coin is still top 10 with only one wallet. daedalus. lol.




Hi again guys,
First, a big Thank you to all of you for the interest and support, I learned a lot of things from your posts! I haven’t been around for a while because I tried to guess what and why happend and how to prevent it in the future. Obviously my computer was compromised - first my mail was hacked, 2 hours after that my Coinbase and Binance accounts were emptied, and finally appeared the problem with my ADAs! I always tried to be careful with my browsing activities, but who knows…? On this compuer I mined Monero using cast-xmr and xmrig (downloaded from the original github releases), may be the problem is there? However, I did a clean install of my Win 10, changed all my passwords and 2FA seeds, and I prepaired a second computer I plan to use only for dealing with sensitive information.
ADA_Fan, may be you are right, I’ll restore my Daedalus account on the new computer and may be…
Jotunn, my speech services and typing suggestions were and are off. IF my ADAs are not stolen but moved to another adress I can access, I surely will create a paper wallet certificate according to your recommendations waiting for the ledger support!
Once again thank you all !


As @hayamoto_jr pointed out no.

Remember, you can restore a paper wallet in Daedalus anytime, bonus, that paper certificate is your backup. Also, you are not limited to having just one certificate, spreading out your Ada may work for you.


There are paper wallets available, so that’s an offline wallet, having ledger support would be really nice though.

but you need to be on-line to create the paper wallet so if there is key-logger and screen logger you are compromised


There is a workaround, as explained by @Jotunn. But yes, currently this is the case, seems fair for a project that is scheduled to be finished in 2020.

Just my two LL.


Please articulate why.


wallet is alway not connecting, can not open every time. shit, blockchain 3.0? can not have blockchain 3.0 in perfect way?


Yes, the original wallet software was hastily implemented, and people did have issues because of this. IOHK did not ignore this mistake, but put a lot of effort into rewriting the software properly. These issues that a minority of people have (Daedalus works well for most) should go away, or a proper error message will be displayed instead of these mysterious hangs on “Connecting to network” or “Syncing blocks”.

If you for some reason can’t get Daedalus to work, there will be Yoroi in a few months, or there is the Infinito mobile wallet.


And the Ledger Nano S.


ok thaks for advices. bro


Both Yoroi (Chrome browser wallet) and Infinito (Mobile wallet) are available right now.

If you have a lot of ADA, you should probably be using paper wallets, but for smaller amounts try those. Remember to test first with 1 ADA before you send your whole bag.


Infinito Wallet is working for ADA, plus people can store multiple different coins and tokens as well.