Alternatives to Bittrex

The Cardano wallet on Bittrex has been down for over two weeks. I was using that exchange to buy ADA, but it’s not possible now (thank goodness I moved my coins to Yoroi before it happened). Does anyone have a preferred alternative? For example, Kraken or eToro? I know about Binance but and leery of it.

I’m based in the US.

This weekend Bittrex worked fine for me, I bought some and was able to withdraw…

Never had problem with Bittrex nor with the wallet


The Bittrex site status page says their ADA wallet is “inactive”

I hadn’t had a problem with Bittrex either; I bought all my ADA through them and until recently was storing it there. But I don’t want to start having problems. Not when I’m lining up my finances to buy a bit more.

Of course I’ll keep monitoring the situation, but I’d also like another trustworthy option if necessary.

Binance is probably your easiest bet. As long as you stay under 2 BTC in value, there is no requirement for KYC/AML info while depositing and withdrawing.

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I’ve just noticed that Binance offer credit card purchases now. Also something funny is going on with withdrawals, binance logs me out every time I try to withdraw from my desktop :desktop_computer:.

On Binance or on Bittrex?

Sorry, Binance

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