Am I screwed? :(

Maybe you made a backup of your system at some point …

nstructions on backing up your Daedalus wallet

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To make a copy of your wallet, follow these instructions.

Note , if your wallet is password protected, the copy will have the same password protection. If you have no password, then your keys are exposed.

For Mac: Same principle for windows.

  1. Shut down Daedalus
  2. Create a folder “Ada wallet” on your desktop
  3. Go to menu bar and select “Go”, click “Go to Folder…”
  4. Search for “~/Library/Application Support/Daedalus”
  5. You should be able to see the Daedalus folder.Copy “Secrets-1.0” and “Wallet-1.0” to the “Ada wallet” folder you’ve created. (Copy/Paste, Not Move)

One thing I didnt expect when I restored my Wallett was the name of my wallet. I gave it an obscure name and It took me a couple of shots before I got it right. So make sure youve got the correct name for it or it won’t work. Thought I would mention it as It was an issue for me. Good luck sir.

Name of the wallet is completely irrelevant. You can give it any new name at every restoration.

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Maybe, it wasn’t that way for me. It was asking for the name, I got it wrong and it wouldn’t restore. When I finally found where I had written it down it then restored. OH well, I hope that is the case as it scared the hell out of me. I appreciate your input.

The name of the wallet is not on the blockchain, like the spending password, it’s just a local bit of data on the hard drive somewhere.