Ambassador Stories, Journal #33 Diego Torres & Felix Weber

Ambassador Stories, Journal #33 Diego Torres & Felix Weber

Welcome to the 33rd journal of the “Ambassador Stories” series! :star_struck::tada:

New stories will be shared with you, whenever new ambassadors join our ranks and provide their stories.

You’ll be able to enjoy the various, unique stories of our Cardano Community Ambassadors: what motivated, and still motivates them, to be part of this amazing and wonderful community?

The Cardano Community Team would also like to thank the Ambassadors for all their continued efforts and participation in sharing their stories with us. :writing_hand:

Please read all about Stephanie & Benjamin down below! :open_book:

The Cardano Team is happy to welcome Stephanie & Benjamin, and we are looking forward to your contributions in the coming months. Thanks for all that you do, it is much appreciated!

Part 1: Diego, Content Creator:

Diego has recently joined the Ambassador ranks as a Content Creator.

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

Throughout my career, I have worked on over 500 data analytic projects in over 100 companies, from Oil & Gas to e-commerce, public and private, big and small. Along that journey, I co-founded a Financial Data Analytics company and taught thousands of students about those themes. I love helping others achieve their goals and constantly learning new technology.

Since the 2017 crypto bull run, I have been studying and teaching about crypto and have hosted a podcast called ““Bitcoin para todos”” (bitcoin for everyone) for over two years.

I have become full-time crypto working on several projects in the last ten months. Some of them are in Cardano, and some in Ethereum.

In Cardano, I co-founded RatsDAO, 1mate (a stake pool), and Rats Lab and Mayz. In Ethereum, I have worked for Protofire on The Graph ecosystem. Recently, I’ve been working to bring Protofire (a well-known dev shop company) to the Cardano Ecosystem.

2) How did you get interested and involved with Blockchain/Crypto?

During a mid-life professional crisis, and after over ten years of working in data analytics, I decided to study new things and trends. So I chose AI and blockchain to study. I ended up choosing Blockchain. It was more inspiring to me.

3) Why Cardano?

I think Cardano is the third most important network in the crypto industry. It has great tech and a great community and is looking to become a really decentralized network. Besides that, it is very early, like Ethereum in 2015.

4) How are you contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem as an Ambassador?

Besides building several projects, I educationally spread the word around Spanish people in Latam and Spain through my podcast and courses.

5) What is your future vision for the Cardano Ecosystem?

I see Cardano as the third most important network. In the next few years, TVL will grow, new use cases will make market fit, and the tech will improve. Adoption will thrive in the next cycle.

6 ) What is your personal message to the Cardano community?

Continue to work in a collaborative way; that’s the web3 way!

Continue to learn and onboard new users not based on fomo but in knowledge and the sense of opportunity to be early in a social-tech that is will change the world.

—The End of Part 1.

Part 2: Felix, Content Creator

Felix (long time Ambassador) has recently joined the Ambassador ranks as a Content Creator.

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

I started in young ages as a blacksmith of art, focused on Arts & Design while being a professional chess player & doing street fight ( hanging around with hooligans & stuff ), exploring my limits and eating books about philosophy, society and governance. Physical and psychical self education was the term of my youth, always challenging myself and pushing my limits.

After leaving germany and giving away everything i had to that point, i spend some time being a lone wanderer ending up to saddle down in the French Pyrenees where i spend then some time ( 5 Yrs without road access, no internet, machines & electricity ) and learned a lot about myself, about discipline and on a somehow hardcore basic level stuff about simple life. Farming, working with horses & cutting trees and building cabinets,barns and stuff, making cheese and all the fancy things from the old world & Life. Understanding how nature works has been a paradigm shift in my own life and deeply influenced and reformed my perspective on things ^^

During my time in the mountains I somehow ended up working with private companies and the social departments of Germany, Luxembourg and France where I designed and implemented social & pedagogic systems… i went quite into psychology, pedagogy and social systems at that time and many of my current activities are deeply influenced by this time.

Then, still working remotely as a Freelancer in the same area ( social designs & systems ) and traveling for 3 years from the south of France to Norway… with my Girlfriend and 4 horses XD. Was a quite a trip

After that, and as I got interested in DLT & Cypherpunk some earlier in my younger life, I decided to have a deeper look on the space and decided 2020/2021 to leave my old job and to go full time Cardano after lurking around for a while.

So here i am, and there we go.

2) How did you get interested and involved with Blockchain/Crypto?

As mentioned, my first interest in Blockchain/Crypto was sparked by the Cypherpunk movement, from there it was just a short way to find myself in the DLT Space.

3) Why Cardano?

Why not XD… Cardano is a pretty amazing strong technical protocol and somehow arrives to attract some of the brightest and most interesting minds i’ve ever met in my life. The quality of thoughts and actions at the Cardano Community & Ecosystem is pretty insane and I strongly believe that the Cardano community is collectively building first effective and alternative toolsets to explore and establish new ways of Economy, Governance and Society

I see the DLT Space as an immense center of gravity where brilliant thought leaders, enthusiasts and visionairs come together to collectively build a better tomorrow, not only at Cardano but also at other Blockchain ecosystems.

4) How are you contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem as an Ambassador?

Hui, that’s actually a good question.

Hmmm, I’d say that I am pretty passionate about building community led infrastructure and governance. This is mostly reflected in my engagements at the Catalyst Swarm which i co founded back in early 2021. Since then, I am quite involved and engaged in quite some Cardano community initiatives… too much to name ^^

My role is often being a spark to others and to initiate and form communities, groups and projects all around decentralized and bottom up Community Infrastructure, Architecture and Governance which mostly includes onboarding, introduction and education of individuals, groups and communities to find and build their space within the Cardano Ecosystem

Somehow I’d see myself as a Community gardener, making sure that each Idea and vision has everything needed to grow to its most beautiful potential… jup, thats nails it pretty much.

5) What is your future vision for the Cardano Ecosystem?

Oh, that’s a really nice question… nice one indeed

Recently, i was very inspired by which introduces DLT/Blockchain Communities & Ecosystem as a new generation of global, network based Nations and i have to admit that i feel very strong that what we are currently building could be indeed some first steps into actual real & effective examples and alternatives to our currently existing economical, societal and governmental systems which have been proven to fail their duties and promises.

6 ) What is your personal message to the Cardano community?

The Space in which we collectively interact is absorbing and quite consuming. Be careful not to burn yourself. We need each other for years and years to come… make sure you have a healthy position and rhythm while taking this path with us. :slight_smile:

Think far, act close. Think ambitious, act humble… We are in this all together and our success relies on each other. Make sure you do what you love and that you love what you do and that you have the right people around you to empower and unlock you.

—The End of Part 2.

We are truly blessed with such motivated community members we have in our ecosystem! Thank you all for reading, and don’t forget to leave your comments/likes and give our Ambassadors some Cardano community :heart: and follow their work!:100::muscle:

Until next time, with new people and new Ambassador Stories! :wave: