Ambassador Stories, Journal #8 : Jun-Sik

Welcome to the eighth journal of our “Ambassador Stories”! :star_struck:

Every week, you’ll be able to enjoy the various, unique stories of our Cardano Community Ambassadors: what motivated, and still motivates them, to be part of this amazing and wonderful community?

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Jun-Sik Choi, Ambassador Translator

Jun-Sik has been with the Cardano community for a while now, supporting the Korean community with his translations about Cardano related content. Keep doing what you do, your continued efforts do not go unnoticed!

1) Tell us a little about yourself. What is your background?

Hello! My name is Jun-sik Choi, and I am from Korea. I am a graduate student at a Korean University. My major interest is Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. I am also currently focused on enhancing my programming and development skills so that I can actively participate in open-source development shortly.

2) How did you get interested and involved with Blockchain/Crypto?

My first contact with Crypto was in the year of early 2017. At that time, I hardly understood the core concepts of cryptocurrencies but it captured my attention, so I decided to dig in to them. I learned about the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with books and lectures of Andreas M. Antonopoulos, whom I deeply respect. I really like this pure concept of a “Public cryptocurrency” and I decided to be a die-hard supporter of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

3) Why Cardano?

The answer is simple. Cardano always takes solid steps to becoming a truly decentralized financial platform for everybody. I like the serious developmental approaches of Cardano’s developers and researchers. One true financial platform for everybody can not just emerge from nothing. It needs careful planning, strong foundations and real tangible progress. I studied what they researched, peer-reviewed papers, formal specifications and the verifiable code on Github. In this perspective, I think Cardano project fits best to my requirements as the future financial platform.

4) How are you contributing to the Cardano Ecosystem as an Ambassador?

First, I tried to translate articles related to the Cardano project, into Korean and share them to the Korean Cardano community. But the way I want to eventually contribute is by actually coding and developing on the platform. Currently I am making my way to be a fully-fledged programmer who can contribute to great projects, such as Cardano. But now my main contribution to the ecosystem is translation. I am also making efforts to translate Yoroi, an app developed by Emurgo, for a more natural Korean translation of the app.

5) What is your future vision for the Cardano Ecosystem?

I think the Cardano ecosystem will be an indispensable protocol and financial platform. Many other platforms will follow after they confirm the stability and sustainability of the Cardano protocol. In the near future, Cardano will become interoperable with different blockchains and make them even more stable and secure!

6 ) What is your personal message to the Cardano community?

If we can make good and positive changes to the world together, I think that fact is something worth living for and really cool. Let’s make this world a little bit fairer and better for everyone.

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