Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


We cannot let this go down the path where CF has been. I am not going to stand on the side line and say I told you so. It is a simple fix. Something that is not truthful or is hidden in darkness is no good.


The Ambassadors are from the community, they are representative of you. The Ambassadors don’t get paid and can be great impartial moderators, not just between the community members but also between the community and admins as well. The Admins have relinquished some of their power and responsibilities to the community, it’s a good thing. Of course if Ambassadors get incentives for their work, this issue will have to be revisited.


Well they are not our representatives as the Community has not elected them :slight_smile: and also don’t think a Community would ever accept it’s representatives to be anonymous.

They are representatives of the Cardano Venture centrally picked from the Community, but not the representatives of the Cardano Community itself. This is BIG difference!


Wishing you the best guys. I have issue with some first names… Is there any girls in the Ambassadors ?


That is the next step and it will happen naturally. We need staking to be able to vote, then everything is in our hands.


See initiative for this


You can’t reel in a mistake a little, like forgetting to put the bait on or try patch it up a bit. It just wrong to carry on down that road. Stop it and change it before damage is done. It’s simple.


Your concerns are acknowledged. Let me bring this up between Ambassadors, and get back you.


Dude, chill. You go around stirring up shit that isn’t very important.


I think he is touching really important topics mate.

Without full name, you can´t do proper background check, which such a title normally requires.

How will you assure that non of the Ambassadors are related to any radical political group or organization, have no criminal record, any inappropriate digital footprint or any other “unwanted & disturbing property” that doesn´t fit with the ethics & values represented by the Cardano brand? Or even how will you verify if there is any potential conflict of interest?

Once you nominate such grandiose titles you do directly associate people with the brand and have to mitigate risks by exercising strong vetting. They become brand representatives in a sense (moving into the frontline directly facing hordes of trolls) which needs extra care.


There is even one guy that predict “Apocalypse” and the “End of humanity soon”! Be always careful, ambassadors or not. People behind keyboards in general.


It’s interesting background chat here :slight_smile:


Is it that maki.mukai is just a beatiful young woman or why people don’t understand the wisdom in her words. If you really think what she said, this conversation would have ended after her post. Any further post is against the interest of Cardano and purposes for continueing this kind of debat is other than mutual benefit.


What are you crying for?


This is emoji for “JOY”, try it


Belowsearcher does it for free in his spare time. If he’d make any decisions in the space, or would get paid from CF stake, then of course, they should do some KYC. But for now it’s completely unnecessary.


Please help me understand, do you mean :joy: like you agree or :joy: as you feel like my comment is funny?


You missed this:


And you missed this response:

“You obviously don’t know me. But feel free to explore my contributions in the Forum as it’s nothing as you describe it.

What are you trying to achieve? Really?! Make your buddies happy and have them throw a few likes on your post? :slight_smile:

I was not the one who took the discussion to another channel and put it into a toxic context, it was important to mention it.

But you still don’t get it, this is not about @Undersearcher personally, why make it personal?

It’s incredible how intentionally or accidentally you try to distract the discussion form a few very valid & good topics that were raised here:

1 - clear centralization of forces in Community Management (Ambassador Program is not worked out in an open Consultation & Collaboration and feedback is completely ignored)
2 - risk of anonymous Ambassadors without any kind of legal agreement and the claim for some kind of background check (especially digital footprint), question of sustainability of anonymity when incentives are implemented
3 - the importance to strengthen the Community Management Team

Do you think any of these topics are irrelevant or have no value?


Today, Ada is centraliced. After Shelley, it is decentraliced.

Ambassador program is today centraliced, later as maki sead, more decentraliced.

The communitys main focus has to be in rising the avarenes of Ada. There are no room for egos.