Announcing our first group of Cardano Ambassadors!


You claim to represent interests of te “community”, while your actions and altercations with members of this very community say otherwise…

Sometimes it pays to listen to what others actually say rather than come up with the list of “important” topics to discuss. It is especially disturbing to see you push on these when clearly there is no support from the members of the community. It isn’t about likes, it is about building a community.

And I understand that we may not all agree on everything but what I don’t appreciate is active pestering and outright coercion of people by you. What is your angle? What are YOU trying to achieve? Who appointed you the representative of the people?

Again, if you took cues from what people tell you, you would have put your intelligence (and I know you are intelligent) to a good use rather than chasing windmills.

Take a poll and you will find out :slight_smile:


I don’t think you speak for all or just most of the community. I’m absolutely happy to enjoy great contributions from anonymous persons and I have no problem at all if they

There’s no reason at all that we should push the ambassadors out of anonymity.


Where do I claim this?

I represent my opinion, ideology & interpretation of a Community. I never said I represent the Community itself.

Please elaborate this statement!


See here

Just check how many very loud people, or even how many Cardano Ambassadors here have joined that movement to raise awareness? And the ones who didn´t never commented on why not and what to improve to make it better … egos as you said. no comment.


If I have to pick between anonymity and a title (in this case ambassador) I’ll pick anonymity every time. In today’s day and age I don’t think you realize how important anonymity is and how protective one should be of their on-line persona. Regardless we should respect peoples wishes to remain anonymous if they choose especially at this early stage as Maki points out. We’re all relatively smart people I think there is probably a way to qualify people without doxing them if and when that is necessary.


Oh yes I do.

But IMO the anonimity which protects you, doesn´t protect, but it´s a sort of threat to Cardano brand, why it´s a choice as you said.


No, not interesting. You don’t have better things to do than cross-posting unsocial media? Please stop it.


Why are you forcing people to chose at all? One of the future goals of Cardano is to give people control of their identities and use cryptography to give other parties a guarantee of safety without having to have more information than they need. Shouldn’t we aspire to the same thing here?


You meant this for @Undersearcher as well? As he did cross-post our Forum thread first into TG in a toxic context?

What a biased opinion you have here. Please stop it.


Did you read the entire thread? There was a pretty deep reasoning why I think (and at least @knysna as well) that anonimity is not good idea in this context.

But it´s a pointless discussion, as you don´t read or want to understand or want to reflect on the reasoning but there is rather a power play to push the topic down from the table.


Please all, stop this crossposting of unsocial media. It gets such a mess. Let’s discuss here with the people here or if you prefer do it at Telegram. But please stop posting telegram hate here. This thread started in a really positive manner and look what happend now.


I appologize, didn´t realize that my screenshot above didn´t contain the message of @Undersearcher posting our Forum Thread into TG with a toxic context. You couldn´t see that, so it seems I have first cross-posted his discussion here, which is not true, just the other way around. You can check in TG Cardano Official if you like or I send it in PM here, but won´t copy anything into this thread as I agree with you.


I understand your reasoning I just disagree with it.


It’s because we have faith in @tom.kelly, @maki.mukai and @Nathan_Kaiser. Things are moving behind the screens, we are working on great things and they are speeding up after the “loss” of the Cardano Foundation which also means that they are working for the CF and IOHK at the same time. You have to give them some room to breath Bert - and you know it’s true. Now for your movement, just because you, or a select few think it is a great thing to work on does not mean it actually is a good idea. Maybe that’s why there werent so many people that joined your idea.

Disclaimer: this message was written with good intentions and is in no way an attempt to start heated discussions with anyone in here. Just trying to educate :slight_smile:


I don’t have time to go through all your posts, but when you say “the community” deserves to know something or when you ask/push someone to do something in the interest of the community (like you tried with @Undersearcher) and Cardano brand, you imply you represent the community. While in fact this is just your perception of what the community “should be”. These are two different things.

Anyway, this thread is not the place to discuss this.


Please help me to understand why the movement is not good and how to make it better?

You see I am not expecting people to agree with my suggestions or opinion, but at least for educational purposes share why something is not good, what is lacking. I am really interested to get feedback, and it doesn´t have to be positive one.


Ah ok, so you would like to see an “IMO” in front of every sentence I make in the Forum :slight_smile:

Mate, anything I write is my opinion, which is the only thing I represent here :slight_smile:

Please read my messages in this context in the future, then maybe you find them better.


If he did, yes, then I mean it for him as well. Since I don’t read the Telegram channel (I did it only once and then I had enough of all the hate and negativity there) I didn’t see it.


This was one of the claims to have things also open (in the form of a public consultation) as you have tremendous potential, intellectual diversity & capacity in the rest of the Community (who are not in the Ambassador Slack) to help & support the work. IMO there is no reason and no value not to engage & collaborate with the rest of the Community in these crucial projects.

Open source is also the motto of Cardano, why not “open source” these Community Projects (Ambassadors, Cardano Hubs) and let the Community work on designing and preparing them (obviously with some guidance and moderation for efficiency reasons)?


I am here to express my opinion, not to make your movement or ideas better. Regarding the feedback on that, nothing was based on facts, just on my opinion and the way i feel about it.