Anyone buying this dip?


Yes the developed world has the resources. But the developing world has the need. Demand is as important as supply. Look at smartphone takeup.


Already did that. It’s a metric I use. Go see how manly people in Africa are using old versions of Android.


How many are using new-enough versions of Android, or would be able to upgrade if they had good reason to? I’d guess probably a similar order of magnitude as the current total of ADA wallet users.



Oh gawd…the debt clock again. You’re not only paying for it, youre also part of the problem if you vote in favor of the over abundance of social programs and lawmakers that negotiate that garbage. Buying something you cant afford or have the money for…great. So much for credit. Let’s start a war.


Android stats:

Internet Penetration:

I have not been able to find published metrics on Daedalus use on Earth, by country, region, locale, etc. It would be nice to see.


I’m not blaming anyone. This has happened because of a much much deeper issue, but no one listens to what I have to say about it.

Suffice to say that materialism (the belief that the physical realm is fundamental) has society chasing material possessions in an attempt to find happiness. There’s a ponzy scheme going on within human conciousness at the deepest level and the current mess we’re in with the economy and environment is merely a symtom.


A vision is quite different than what we would think the expected outcome would be.

I dont forecast on visions. I look at facts and the realities behind it. Because of this it is still my opinion that uptake would be much faster if started in the US, Japan (as it has), Europe, and South Korea. Focusing on countries that have a significant influence in the world, largely political, would help. Also starting and focusing in countries where the resources to buy underlying or supporting technology for the protocol would be a better place to start. I dont care how much desert is in Africa, I bet the market for all terrain vehicles, desert gear, and survival equipment is in the US.


Sorry, my questions were mainly rhetorical. My point is that it would not take a large percentage of Africa’s population to significantly improve Cardano’s overall takeup.


No worries…I actually wonder why we didnt start an effort or focus mainly in Central/South America. Maybe its not politically viable but I have a hard time believing that.


I recently met some blockchain guys who are about to open an exchange in Nigeria. Mostly aimed at upper class people though…


I Hope there are plans for South America as well. There are several South Americans in IOHK and Emurgo. One of the IOHK teams is based in Buenos Aires. Maybe the rebooted Foundation will be helpful there.


And you brought up the #1 point I would have brought up. Brazil is technically savvy country with good uptake and development. Adoption for new things occurs at a better rate than most if not all of Africa. Orkut was developed/created there well before many other social media platforms. Major Tech companies have a presence there (Google, FB, etc.,). Seems like it would be a better place to start…Just saying.


Sorry 0.039


Over 50% of every United States dollar raised goes to war or empire building. (Defence).


I’ve been buying every single dip, dollar cost averaging (DCA) my way into the market, that way I don’t try to “time” the market, I get an average of it, has done well for me in the past.


That’s a good th8ng in my eyes. Keep spending that money on defense. Hell spend more. We’re gonna need it.


I like that strategy but you keep dipping into your pocket on a depreciating asset. Moneys gotta stop somewhere right?? Gonna keep buying until the price is rock bottom? I buy low, sell at 10-20 points if I can, then jump back in and double up. Stacking those chips as I sell them then buy back at a lower if I miss the boat on a bump, I’ve made enough to cover that miss and some.


On January 17th 1961 President Eisenhower gave the nation a dire warning about what he described as a threat to democratic government. He called it ‘Military Industry Complex’.
When the United States Dollar is removed from a world reserve currency, all the weapons in the world will not save the Empire from its eventual collapse.


Eisenhower was worried about the costs of an arms race with the Soviet Union, and the resources it would take from other areas – such as building hospitals and schools.He was thinking if the arms buildup continued, there would exist a powerful influence from this “complex”. It exists and it does have influence but Eisenhower had no understanding of the development of the technology sector. The influence this “new complex” has is just as great.

As far as the dollar not being the reserve currency, good luck with that. It would require a collapse of your so called “Empire” before the reserve currency collapses. And if it were to “collapse, every country that is holding that reserve currency would collapse. In short, thats not gonna happen in you lifetime and the next 2-3 generations for sure.