Are we out of the woods yet?


Interesting! Right at the forefront!


Price spike on news that has no fundamental basis behind it. We are still in a downward trend. I am still looking at resistance to be held at .11. Like I said on another post, I see some things on the horizon, but my bets are still on the downward.


Anyone think :ada: will go down to .05? Anyone planing to short?

  • Expect Ada to drop to .05 in coming weeks, will short
  • Too nervous, won’t risk it, stick to $ cost averaging
  • Will buy Ada at .09 while I can
  • Will hold on to Fiat incase price drops to .05

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So here we are

Guess we’re going to .05


If it goes low till 0.05 would be an opportunity not to be missed!


It the whole market, also, maybe some ada holders affiliated with other project dumping a lot of ADA “strategically” now …


Time to pick up few more shifts at work :), I’m either a madman or a genius…only time will tell


I feel likewise :wink:


I’m in a good spot because I can honestly say buying Ada is not the stupidest thing I’ve ever done with money.


I feel like we’re connecting on a deep level :joy:


I don’t think it is all doom and gloom… if you look at coinpaprika you will see red everywhere and all cryptos are bleeding money. Various reasons for this but a lot of it is political as there are several upcoming dates of talks in USA about cryptocurrency…
If it was just Cardano bleeding it would be reason for concern but its all across the board.
Don’t be surprised if Cardano moves even lower but see this as an opportunity for a buy. The project is almost a year old now and have really come along way. I honestly believe that we will never see these prices again as soon as the market moves out of the red towards year end.
Cardano is a 3 year investment according to me. Buy the lows, and HODL.


Smiled at that, Sean :slight_smile:
I believe time will prove you (us) right. Fingers crossed!


If you had traded 10k ADA for BTC 2 months ago, today that BTC would buy you 18k ADA.
Trading 10k ADA 4 months ago would buy you 30k today.
Worried about where this token is going.