Binance ADA withdrawals are suspended due to network busy

3 Days so far waiting for binance to lift suspension :rage:
Very frustrating, will I ever get my ADA into my wallet?

Charles explained in his latest video update that the exchange wallet issue was being solved by Binance and IOHK. Be patient :slight_smile:

Sorry didn’t mean to sound like a fud just don’t like it sitting on the exchange.

get used to waiting. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks. i hate it to.

Could you please share link to the video. I feel really frustrated keeping significant funds on exchanges.


From 2:50 to 5:00

Alternatively you can read the full transcript here 10.01.18 - A Cardano development update from Charles Hoskinson, co-founder and CEO of IOHK
written by legends @jonmoss and @tom.kelly

Thank you!

But can somebody explain, how exchanges use case differ from usual that it has been completely broken now?
Why deposit transaction works but only withdraw broken.

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Nope. Your transactions will synch in with the blockchain

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Thanks for heads up! Will take a look :slight_smile:

That would be a question for Binance… From what Charles said, it looks like they “requested some changes”, so nobody here would know the details.

U r a star and thanks very much. It worked like a charm.

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Or to Charles. He advocates binance and must know technical details. I still do not understand root cause of the issue.

Is cardano task tracker publicly available? If they requested changes we will see development process about it.

They do a weekly report on their site here

but on their Github I found this, look at the first line

Sent my ADA from Binance to ADA address. Hours and Hours stuck on processing. Starting to worry.


It seems like , what they have implemented , is ability and security … scalability might be limited by the network at this time … my binance wd only took around an hour or 2 the other day with their new interface with cardano. If you look at the slice by slice block analysis , there are only 5-10 tx performed in each “slot” during each 30-150 second block … so you may be waiting :frowning:

@didynamic My pleasure. In all honesty, the solution was taken from the Daedalus FAQ page. You should bookmark it for times when you need an answer about the wallet. A lot of good stuff there.

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Did it work in the end?

Letting you know that the withdraw worked fine. It took a long time though. ADA <3

How long did it take? Im also waiting since hours…

Ya. My withdrawal took forever as well. I dd finally get all of my ADA off of binance. I feel much better now.

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