Bitcoin or ada...I choose ada

Ada is a long term buy…patience will gain rewards!


I’ve been wrestling with this also…Every time I buy more Ada though…

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well…if ADA can settle down here in the the range it is at now…and build a solid foundational base…it will be a great time to load up with more of it…jmo

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I just traded a good portion of my btc for ada. Under 900 sats for ada is too good to pass up imo.

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Going from btc to ada…just make more sense right now.

The time for Bitcoin will be over soon. In my opinion, there is a big manipulation involved… the bull run will start when Bitcoin looses his position of number 1. The institutions do not want to invest in Bitcoin, but they do not want to loose the “trust” of the people, crashing Bitcoin suddently will scare the retail investors,…

SOUNDS like good logic…the I believe the Mother Ship will gain up to $5000 and hold thru next year.

Um yea OK. It’s a fair price but it’s about to get a whole lot better! Market will tank. Then it’s shopping time.

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