Blockfrost / timeout on token preview

Just minted my first NFT as an experiment.
After a few fits and starts, I think I finally go it to work.
But my problem now is that I can’t see the preview of my token thru

It looks like my image is stored on but when i click on the link, I get a 404 time-out error after a few minutes.

Anybody else experiencing this? Seems like the same is happening for other recently minted tokens.

-Sully at RADAR


I experienced the same problem with my first NFT yesterday.

However I found the preview of token on the address with this format: of token

In my case it is:

Kind regards Couder, CB1

Thanks! I basically just had to be patient. It took about 12 hours for blockfrost to find the .jpeg I had on my own hosted IPFS system. Now it is synced just fine. Sometimes things are just backed up a bit I think.

Nice picture by the way!

-Sully at RADAR

If you access the IPFS CID for your token at one of the major IPFS gateways, even though the file is pinned to your own IPFS system, it’s likely that sites like and will find it faster, since it may be cached on the gateway or the gateway may have better peer connectivity to your host.

That interesting, I think that’s what happened.
I was quickly able to find it on, and so maybe clicking on that helped find it.
I also think that things were quite slow that day.
Most new tokens being minted were not coming up their first few hours in existance.
-Sully at RADAR

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