Brazil/BNDES - ITU, UN Assessment

In December I was at an event called BlockchainGov, here in Rio de Janeiro(BR), where I met Suzana Moreno. Suzana Moreno works on BNDES with Blockchain initiatives. She made an invite to Cardano for a blockchain Focus Group assessment .

Wiki:“BNDES is one of the largest development banks in the world (after the Chinese Development Bank, which boasts assets of around RMB 7.52 trillion, or around $1.2 tn)”.

I think BNDES will support the assessment. Some blockchain specialists in Rio are involved with the initiative.

We talked briefly about Cardano and Suzana informed me about a very interesting opportunity at International Telecommunication Union(ITU), United Nations (UN) . The assessment I mentioned above.

Wiki:“The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the UN agency specialized in information and communication technologies.”

Link for the Focus Group assessment:

The next ITU meeting will be on February, in Spain. Maybe it could interest someone from Spanish community/Cardano to support that.

The Brazilian meetup was on January. I’ve contacted Emurgo in 05/December/2018, but I think there weren’t enough human resources to that. Because they started to reply me and Suzana Moreno on the e-mail and after the second message, we haven’t got any new reply.

The task would be filling 4 small documents and attend some meetings for the assessment.

Thanks for the help!


Thanks. As a community member I’ll do what I can to reach out to Emurgo and IOHK folk about this.

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Man, thanks for energy!

It would be good!

Can I send you the documents in order to explain the assessment? :receipt:

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Yes please. I’ll DM you.

brazil is a huge market… shame this and things like this aren’t getting the traction they deserve.

this is why as a community we need to become a lot more independent and autonomous!

it’s not someone else’s responsibility - it’s everyones responsibility!

it’d do us a lot of good to constantly be conscious of this philosophy till it’s second nature and grows in momentum achieving a self sustaining character of culture…

Maybe a big work load.

There was an issue on Cardano Foundation at that point.

Emurgo is more business focused.

I think there was a lack of human resources or interest at that point.

There is another chance. But now in Spain.

Thanks, guys!


isn’t good enough.

at the very least, if what you think/assume is the case, they should be communicating!