Invite: ITU, United Nations / Interoperability assessment

Guys, an ITU/UN representative invited me to offer an Interoperability solution to a UN assessment.

The assessment will occur on August 2019, Genebra. I know Cardano is working on this field.

Would it possible to have a specialist to attend this assessment? Like Dionysis Zindros.

I know Charles said that this development is not so close to being implemented, but I think this would be a good opportunity to show the work.

The first invite about the focus group was last year(below):

In December I was at an event called BlockchainGov, here in Rio de Janeiro(BR), where I met Suzana Moreno. Suzana Moreno works on BNDES with Blockchain initiatives. She made an invite to Cardano for a blockchain Focus Group assessment .

Wiki:“BNDES is one of the largest development banks in the world (after the Chinese Development Bank, which boasts assets of around RMB 7.52 trillion, or around $1.2 tn)”.

I think BNDES will support the assessment. Some blockchain specialists in Rio are involved with the initiative.

We talked briefly about Cardano and Suzana informed me about a very interesting opportunity at International Telecommunication Union(ITU), United Nations (UN) . The assessment I mentioned above.

Wiki:“The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is the UN agency specialized in information and communication technologies.”

Link for the Focus Group assessment:

The next ITU meeting will be on February, in Spain. Maybe it could interest someone from Spanish community/Cardano to support that.

The Brazilian meetup was on January. I’ve contacted Emurgo in 05/December/2018, but I think there weren’t enough human resources to that. Because they started to reply me and Suzana Moreno on the e-mail and after the second message, we haven’t got any new reply.

The task would be filling 4 small documents and attend some meetings for the assessment.

Thanks for the help!


This is the kind of key participation of the Cardano project and ADA market value.
Hope someone gets there!
Great topic :slight_smile:


Ótimo tópico!

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Great opportunity


@maki.mukai, @YeJi.Kim, @chak_io Please consider this.


Great, thanks @Chess
I’ve sent a DM to @marcusoregano to find out more details :slight_smile:


Guys, thanks for the support! Only waiting ITU’s response to further actions. :innocent:

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(1)First invite(interoperability): We are waiting Suzana maranhão answer about the speeches.

(2)Old invite(big assessment) was renewed: UN/ITU VP invited Cardano again. She updated the docs! Today, for the big assessment, the task is to fill 1 document and to attend some meetings. The next will be in June e other in July.

Example (Ethereum asessment):

EOS, Ethereum. Hyperledger are answering the big assessment too.

Thanks for the help!