Can find owner through address

Good afternoon, after trying to reach the walletholder in other ways, also through moderators and NFT… I want to try this…

Does anyone recognize the following address or have you ever used this?


The owner knows why I am trying to get in touch.

Appreciate the help.

Not saying anything… it’s an empty wallet with few transactions

So all’s been sold over the last couple of weeks



Last time, you said:

So, that sounded like, addr1q9tw…3m5g is one of your wallets and only the transfer to addr1q8fy…htum was wrongly done by you, thinking you were transferring to your Ledger.


What “moderators” are you talking about?

EDIT: I found the NFT that @Alexd1985 minted for you, the “invitationrequest” one, okay, too bad, that didn’t work.

Final account, holding the Ada, still doesn’t look malicious. Hasn’t done much, since your Ada arrived. Only two outgoing transactions, but both intra-wallet, one reward withdrawal and one redelegation.

I have to correct that:
One story from Thailand (, I used Google’s page translator obviously) and one tweet ( both mention that final address in reports about scams/hacks in last October.
So, that’s a new one: A hacker that delegates and makes no moves to cash out for two months.

EDIT: Oh, and there is also one report in this forum:

Unfortunately, none of them describe exactly, how it was done.

Trying to find the holder - I know I have made it the (stupid) mistake.
This address was “offered” when I wanted to send my ADA to my Ledger.
The action of today is more or less the last try to find the address owner and ask politely :grin:

I doubt that he reads the forums and if he does that he answers. Seems to be malicious.

So, you connected the Ledger and got a popup with that address?
The addr1q9tw…3m5g one?

He seems to use intermediate addresses that are always only used for one target and then immediately forward everything to that addr1q8fy…htum address.

I dont know how and What… do know I have transferred it to the wrong address