Can not send ADA from Ledger Nano s to new Shelley Wallet

As the title says, i can not move may ADA my from my Hardware Wallet Ledger Nano S to the new created Shelley Wallet.

When i want to send ADA with to the new wallet, it says “invalid adress” - is there any way to send my ADA to the new wallet? All my ADA are stored at the Hardware Wallet…

I know, there is an option where i can recreate my hardware wallet - but i am a little bit afraid of typing in my security phrase from it…

So, is there a way to send them to the new wallet or do i have to use the recreate function for the hardware wallet in Daedalus?

I think you can’t sent it until ledger updates now.
Because the new Shelley era uses a different kind of address system.

If you sended it before the fork, then it would be ok. But now, i think that you need to wait for an update.
And perhaps adalite needs to upgrade before you can send also… So just relax, take a week and drink some tea, read a book etc…

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thank you for the fast reply! I just thought it could be the new “addr1…” format.
Ok, so lets wait for a move from ledger…thank you again for the quick help!


don’t worry hardware wallets will take a little bit more time. Please also make sure to check our extensive FAQ about the hard fork for details on that: The Shelley hard fork: all you need to know

This works now, you can access your Ledger wallet on AdaLite

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