Wallet Transfers

Hi and a quick query, again :confused:

I recovered my old byron wallet on daedalus and I have a new nano s synced to daedalus also.

Do I just transfer from byron to ledger ?

Do I need to create a shelley era wallet or does nano s become this when it was syncing ?

Thanks for the help before and I hope this is simple to do


I already answered to you :slight_smile:
Happy delegation

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Right I will read. Ty for response. This place us very helpful and very patient. So send 10 ada to ledger then delete and restore ledger.

I don’t need to make a shelley wallet right ?

Very very patient people

aaaa… when you connect (PAIR) the ledger to daedalus, automatically will be a shelley wallet. You can confirm this by checking the receiving address… should be longer (103 characters) than byron address (~ 58 characters)

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Yes yes tyvm. Some small things I don’t understand so I like to ask. I will send delegation when I set this part up. Ty Alex

man, don’t harry, take your time… you need to be carefully

you can check also on adalite.io if you will see the ada after you will move on ledger…

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Good luck @News_25 with moving your ADA to your Ledger Nano S. And welcome to Cardano Forum. :partying_face:

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Yes sure as last time it was over two weeks since I ask something lol. I will, its only a few hundred A, but was good to recover so people learn of cardano in family.

I will have lots more time to ask and read here

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Ty also, I see your informations here to help others. It really makes a difference

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If you have any further question regarding Ledger Nano S, you can contact me also. I use Daedalus & Yoroi wallet + Ledger Nano S.

I hope you can also look into this topic that I made. Hope it helps you @News_25 :beer:

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Sure and fingers crossed for the wallet swap then I can enjoy cardano more :grinning:

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