Verifying Daedalus Wallet

I see in Daedalus that wallets should be verified every so often. However, there is no button for verifying my wallet that is linked with Nano S. It only shows the Delete Wallet button. How does one verify? I have a 12 word phrase but it is not showing as being Byron. I bought a Nano X but don’t want to activate it until I can verify the wallet. Thx

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First… where are u keeping ADA? On daedalus or on ledger?

  • to connect the ledger to daedalus go to add wallet - pair

  • to restore the daedalus byron wallet go to add wallet - restore - byron (12 seed words)


Hi Alex.

It shows up in Daedalus, but I use the Nano S to do confirmations, so I’m assuming it’s on the Nano.

Can I do a restore into a Shelley wallet? I would like to stake but I see I can’t unless it’s a Shelley.


  • install yoroi chrome extension
  • go to add wallet (shelley)
  • connect ledger
  • go to receive and copy the address
  • go to daedalus and send 10 ada for test to that address (copied from yoroi)
  • check again in yoroi if u received them into the shelley wallet
  • if yes u can move all funds
  • then u ca delegate

Happy delegation!

Can I just move the funds from my Byron Wallet to Shelley in Daedalus?

If u are going to pair the ledger in daedalus it will show u the byron one… u will need to connect the ledger to a shelley wallet

That’s why I recommended yoroi for transfering the funds… after that u will can connect to daedalus and use shelley wallet


So, you are saying that I need to get the funds out of the Byron wallet and basically start over with a Shelley in Daedalus.

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Do u want to move the funds from ledger byron wallet to ledger shelley wallet right?

If u go in daedalus to add wallet - pair — u have options to choose between byron and shelley?


And I’ve been fooling with delegating but no where along the way does daedalus tell me that I can’t. I get all the way to ‘confirm’ but I haven’t hit that button yet. So, I’m not sure if I have a byron wallet even though it asks for 12 words since it seems like I can delegate with no problem.

If u go in daedalus to add wallet - pair — u have options to choose between byron and shelley?

This option does not show up. Under ‘create’, only shelley is there.

Ok, first . U have the ledger connected right?
And ur ada are on ledger right?

Can u go to receive tab and paste an address here?

Uh oh. I’m clicking on a few addresses in daedalus and Cardano Blockchain Explorer is saying no addresses exist.

U didn’t answered to my questions…do u have a ledger connected?
Ur funds are on ledger?
If u go in daedalus to add wallet - Pair - do u have options for byron and shelley?

Can u paste here one address from receive tab?
Do u see in daedalus near ur wallet name — a red label saying byron?

Yes I do have it connected.

-Yes, it is connected.

-I have the Cardano app on Ledger

-Pair? There are no options


There is no Bryon red label.

Ok, the address has 103 characters lenght so it’s a shelley address/wallet

Now… u are on daedalus or yoroi connected now?

Do u see ur ada to the balance, right?

Daedalus (

Do u see ur ada right?

Go to delegation, pools, search for a pool and delegate

U should see the delegate button

What I am worried about is that it is a Shelley wallet but only has 12 word recovery. I wanted to verify my phrase, but it doesn’t show up. It only gives me the option to ‘delete wallet’.

If ur ada are on ledger… u will not need the 12 seed words to restore ur wallet… just pair ur ledger with daedalus/yoroi etc

U will use the seed words (12) to restore a simple daedalus wallet
Go to add wallet - restore - byron (12) and insert ur 12 seed words

But ur wallet is shelley; that’s why I told u to download and check in yoroi chrome extension… add wallet - shelley wallet- connect ledger; this way u can check if ur ada are on ledger or not