Can not set a spending wallet password. Says Invalid

I had to redownload Daedalus program. I was asked to set a spending wallet password. Then retype the password. When I do it keeps saying it’s invalid. I am sure I am retyping it correctly. Also the password strength is strong. This is the first time this program asked me to set a password. I can’t get to my ADA.
Is there a way of bypassing this section??? Someone please help!!!

Hi @alt161,

I will try to help you with this.

From what i understand so far with the information provided, it sounds like you had a daedalus wallet with ada in it and somehow had to reinstall it from scratch. Daedalus will then present you the below choices:

What option did you select? If you want to restore your wallet holding your ada you should either select restore and type in your recovery phrase or “pair” if you were using a hardware wallet. What did you select here?

Thanks for your response. I did not even get to that point. After the program synched with the block chain, it asked went to the window that reads: " Your wallet is not protected with a spending password. To keep your wallet secure and using it in Daedalus, you need to set a spending password" Then when you click on the Set a Password box. It allows you to create a password, which I did create a strong password as it indicates. When I go to retype the password it says, “invalid wallet password”. I know for sure I am typing in the same password.

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but the question is how you created the wallet - from the screenshot it shows that you have a wallet. Restored, paired, imported or created that wallet?

I originally connected my Ledger Nano X and had it set up as a hard wallet. Since then, I have successfully received ADA using Daedalus on about 4 occasions. Each time I booted up Daedalus and connected my Nano X I have had no issues or demand that I need to set up a spending password. I don’t understand why now it’s needing me to create this password then says that it’s invalid?

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hmm, from the official tutorial

it is not mentioning that you need spending password… hope @Alexd1985 or others can help you out with this

I am not sure if this can be a bug( if yes contact IOHK team)

Also, did u tried to delete the wallet from daedalus and create it again? this step can be done after u are 100% that the ADA ore on ledger (connect the ledger on

Also, I see u are using daedalus flight (which can have bugs)… can u check with the normal version (not flight)


i have the same problem, im locked out, i cant delete current wallet due to password not right, but never set one up, if i enter one its always wrong, you can see the wallet with all the ada in in the background!!! help please???

Hi @charlee ,
Do you also use a hardware wallet?

Try restoring the wallet in yoroi. If successfull, wipe out daedalus completely from your pc including all leftovers if any and start installation over.