Daedalus: “Your wallet is not protected with a spending password”

So, I want to install Daedalus on a new computer.

To save disk space and SSD wear, I have the ~/.local/share/Daedalus directory with the whole chain and the wallets on a USB drive, anyway.

But: Daedalus obviously has the information that one of the wallets is a paired Ledger somewhere else. For this wallet, it displays: “Your wallet is not protected with a spending password”, but the “Set a password” dialog always results in “Incorrect password”.

Pairing the Ledger again won’t succeed with a message of “However, I already know of a wallet with this id.” in the logs (which is kind of true), but deleting the wallet is also not possible in the interface, because the option is behind the non-functioning “Set a password” overlay.

So, does anybody know, which files on disk I have to delete to get rid of a wallet in Daedalus?

For what it’s worth: This same bug has been described in this thread multiple times, but only got our standard answers:

Id recommand you to open a ticket here : https://iohk.zendesk.com/hc/en-us as it looks like nobody is aware of that missing part.

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