Odd Daedalus Behavior with Ledger


I have a bit of a strange behavior that I am not sure how to address. This is for Daedalus on a linux workstation.

I have Daedalus with two wallets. One traditional Daelalus wallet and a second using the private keys on a ledger. There were no issues as I could check balance and staking rewards etc.

I built a new workstation and re-synced my home directory. Again, In general no issues and I can launch Daedalus. The one problem that I have is when I select my Ledger based wallet Daedalus throws a screen indicating that the wallet is not protected by a spending password. So, it prompts to set a password and, after carefully typing one twice, it says wrong password.

I can see the Ledger balance behind the semi-transparent password screen but I generally connect view the wallet.

Is there some behavior here that is known? Seems I should be able to recover the account as a did as it is a perfect snapshot. In fact, I have done this once before when I didn’t have the Ledger wallet. My non-Ledger wallet is fine.


Not sure, but I would do it in another way. Just add a new wallet, select create wallet and then select hardware wallet, connect your ledger and the new wallet should be added and working fine.

Thanks. That is a good idea. It will take me a while since we have plans today but I will get back to the forum.

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