Can’t recover my ADA wallet. Balance shows 0

If u have the funds on ledger then:

  • update ledger live and cardano app to the latest version
  • check if u restored the ledger with the original seed words ( if u restored with another seed words than original u will have a new yoroi wallet)
  • check if u connected the correct ledger device (in case u have more)
  • check if meantime u configured a passphrase for ledger (after u restored)

I have the exact same problem. Nor my ledger nor my 15 word seed point to the address(byron era) where my funds are. And we are not the only one. There has to be something messed up since I have a bunch of other cryptos/key/mnemonics/seeds and all is ok. My ledger points to all other cryptos I have only not to my ADA address but new one. This is crazy.

First u need to be sure where ur ADA are… on byron wallet or shelley? It was a simple wallet or ledger/trezor wallet?


Byron, Ledger, address starts with Ae2… It seems there are a bunch of people with the same problem as I have.

If u have the old files try to restore using secret.key

Ledger points to new address even though all other assets on it still exist. Only ada is gone. So, placed ada on ledger while Byron era, waited 3 years, plugged in ledger, ada app updated, connected ledger to Daedalus, Yoroi, AdaLite, new address with no funds(when I try to restore Bytod era wallet). All other assets I have, are on ledger.

Ok, u are sure that the ADA were transfered on ledger?

Yes mate, for sure. I placed all my crypto on ledger. Directly from Binance to ledger. Checked a few times trough Yoroi, bookmarked it and thats about it. Have not touched it until few years after. All my other assets are still on ledger, accessible, only for ADA different address is created…

Ok, did u ever restored the ledger? Do u have more ledger devices? Did u activated/deactivated passphrase for ledger?

I have restore ledger once, because of missing ada. Never used password(isnt it so that same seed but different pass on ledger will cause different public key, right?) Even after restore, I can access my other cryptos, only ada is gone…

If u restored the ledger with wrong seed words u will not see the ada… also if u activate/deactivate the passphrase u will not see the ADA balance or maybe u used different PIN?

Can u share the address where the ADA were sent/are stored?

I changed the PIN on the ledger. But I dont think that affects the PK of the ledger? How come I can access all other cryptos that are on ledger?(XRP, ICX…)

Man, u changed the PIN … u created another wallet… this is how works for Cardano (not supported on ledger live yet)
Restore the ledger with the original PIN and u should be able to see the funds

This way u can create multiple Cardano wallets on same ledger (hidden wallets) by changing the PIN

what? If I change the PIN on ledger the Cardano wallet changes? Do I need to restore the whole ledger or just change pin without restoring the ledger?

Try to change the PIN only

Hm… Changed pin, restarted ledger, entered new(old) pin, but ledger still points to same address as before pin change. Do I need to reinstall ADA app?

Try on if u are using yoroi I think u will need to uninstall/reinstall yoroi

On it only opens shelly era addresses(addr…) how to recover byron era wallet?

Then try yoroi but unistall/install the app

I did that just now. It points to same address. Let’s confirm once again, we are talking about ledger PIN not passphrase, right? I have never used passphrase, only pin, that I have changed now to original one.