Can't Access Yoroi wallet

Does anyone know why I am seeing this message when I use my ledger to access my Yoroi wallet? I have my Ledger on the most up to date software and have uninstalled/reinstalled the Cardano app. Why does it still say I have the incorrect version?


If you checked and have the latest version for cardano app and also for ledger, u can try with firefox to check if u get the same message.


You need to open ledger live on your computer and update your cardano app from 2.0.3 to 2.1.0.

Any other browser will give the same message until you update

A lot of people think they have updated, but if you look in ledger live it will say you have app version 2.0.3… near the top of ledger live will have a little notification bar which says apps requiring update. In there will be the update to 2.1.0

Thanks, got it!

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