Help Yoroi

please help me connected my Ledger Nano S wallet to Yoroi to withdraw a couple of coins and he started writing HERE: yoroi incorrect device version detected. we support version> = 2.1.0 but you have version 2.0.4. how to fix it, tell the newbie step by step thanks

Hey @1111179

Start your Ledger Live application → check for the most recent firmware for your Ledger device → Check for the most recent Cardano app on your Ledger device → try it again.


HI @1111179 , as @Zyroxa said above, you need to update your “Cardano app” version to the latest on on your Ledger Nanos S device. Go to your Ledger Live > Go to “Manager” > Update your Cardano version to the latest one > Try again with what you want to do

Good luck! :+1:

I have ada version 2.2.0 fа wallet version version
Ledger Live 2.17.1 and nothing

Recently I had a problem to perform an update to the latest version of Ledger Live (2.24.0) on Windows. Uninstalling + installing was the solution for me.

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Check these steps:

  • Try to update your Ledger Live to version 2.24.0.
  • Update Cardano app to ver. 2.2.0
  • Update your Yoroi extension to ver. 4.1.2 in the Chrome browser (or whatever browser you use).