Can't withdraw pool rewards

Hi all, shutting down my pool. Successfully deregistered it, and moved my pledge out leaving a 0 balance.
I now have my 500 ADA stake deposit I want to transfer out.

When crafting the withrawl transaction, I am trying to query UTXO to put into the tx-in section but it is blank. Im guessing because the payment.addr has a 0 balance?

cardano-cli query utxo --mainnet --address $(cat payment.addr)
** TxHash TxIx Amount**

What am I missing?
How do I submit the transaction without a value here?

U will need -0,2 ADA for transaction fee so, send 1 ADA to payment.addr and try again to withdraw the rewards… then u can send all funds to another address/wallet

Thank you sir for the help back in February when I set up and today when I shut down.

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You are welcome :((

@David_Stitt Can I ask why you’re shutting down? I’m just interested as I’m planning to (maybe) start a pool.