Cardano and Bitcoin Cash cooperation

From the recent video by Charles Hoskinson “Saturday Night Live” I’ve heard about Cardano and Bitcoin Cash cooperation.

Here is the text which I transcribed from youtube, and if you want to listen to in in the original - you can start listening at 21:20.

“We’re also pushing some things in the Bitcoin Cash community. My CTO used to work there, in that in that space. So he has a lot of friends in the BCH community and I think there are some unique things that we could provide there for wrapped BCH, especially in the governance as a service. So we’ll let you know but you’ll be able to see the Litecoin and BCH repos when we submit the BCH improvement proposal and the LIP improvement proposal.”

I decided to share this also on the Forum, as I’m active on the Read.Cash and not so long ago I created Cardano community on Read.Cash

So I hope this will be 1 more bridge between two communities


I have to admit i don’t really like BCH and it’s mostly for me like a red flag… I’d prefer if they would do anything with ETC… but we’ll see how it plays out.

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What are your objections @Zyroxa? I’m curious.

I don’t know much about BCH, but my understanding is that Cardano is going to try and “wrap” all the other Cryptos, and where better to start than the big ones? That’s just my limited understanding.

I dont like the cooperation with a fraud like Roger Ver. But im honest, i do also not understand this idea completly.


BCH is not only Roger Ver
For example on Read cash blogging platforms he is only one of hundreds of other users, and not the most active user

It seems no all the cryptos, but some of them. And in BCH community I see hundreds of people who contribute to blogging platform - therefore they are potential users of “wrapped” BCH and ADA as well (some of the might wish to diversify their crypto portfolio and hold Cardano)

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Finally got to listen to it in entirety. It was fun and informative. Many many people deserving of vacation time when it comes. :smile: :100:


would you still don’t like BCH, after looking at the BCH outperforming in the market ?
I think it will touch the $2560 mark in the future.

[BCH] would be one of the most promising coin
Source : (https:// coinpedia. org/price-prediction/bch-bitcoin-cash-price-prediction/)

Both Cardano and Bitcoin Cash are having great future for 2023.

Crypto influencer Dan Gambardello is optimistic about Cardano’s future in 2023, citing its developer activity as a key factor in expected gains. Also Hydra is the next upcoming upgrade of Cardano for layer 2 scalability solution. Hydra will improve the network security and increase its capacities to new heights.

Where as Bitcoin Cash has earned a Bullish score on the coinmarketcap Sentiment Score. Bitcoin Cash price is currently above resistance.

In 2023, if BCH holds the probability to ride the bull run. It is expected that the bitcoin cash price prediction would be pegged at its potential high of approximately $162.48 as per the coinpedia analyst and data from present sentiment score.

Bitcoin Cash is the remedy for the broken financial system.