Cardano (and other coins) price predictions being manipulated

Hello friends,
I looked at some price predictions and I am quite… Just astonished.

First Google search occurence:

0.000001$ in 1 year so -99.9% !!!

This FUD is obviously broadcast to make people sell their coins at broken prices.

Why websites like tradingbeasts were telling us in april that Cardano had a brillant futur, the prices “may not drop” (the prices dropped just after, off course, when enough people bought ADA) and now they are telling you the absolute opposite?

How many unexperienced people will see this and panic sell?
Is there a correlation between the market manipulations (pump & dump etc) and the psychological manipulations we can observe on this kind of “media”. I’m pretty sure the same persons are behind this and they operate without mercy and without being afraid of laws (which law? there is still no regulation)

My question is “who is paying wallet investor” to broadcast such FUD? They do not do it by themselves just like that, do they? Who is paying to wash people brains?

What a shame wallet investor, to try to manipulate people this way. This is insider trading.

Any price prediction that doesn’t include real analysis and a careful assessment of pros and cons is just laughable.

There is a lot of junk information out there. If investors have an inkling of Intelligence they would see this coin will dominate the space in 2019. It’s based on fundamentals.


The reason why we are here is because we believe on the project and the people behind it, if you do why pay attention to those FUDmongerer. I totally understand the frustration of those HODLers who bought ADA when the price peaked in January or May of 2018, sitting on a 90-70% loss of your investment is not a joke and that’s very painful. But we shouldn’t feel any despair, let us look at the long term fundamental of this project and the future of crypto itself, this time around is not the right time to decide what is the price of ADA should be. We have to remember that this project is still in the making. These bear market and price drop doesn’t bother me at all, I am taking this opportunity to buy more ADA on a very discounted price. Being patience with this volatile, unregulated crypto market will pay you someday so keep those weak hands off to press the sell bottom at this time and keep HODLing…CHEERS


i agree and am holding anyway until 2050 if necessary :slight_smile: … 2020-25 much appreciated :slight_smile:
thx for smart answers

Here’s a question for everyone; do you think it’s wise to trade your :ada: for ETC just before the coinbase pump that’s starting at 5pm today? You can catch the pump, trade back to :ada:, increase your holdings. Any way this plan can go wrong? Suggestions?

I feel like there’s also an added safety net, with predictions that :ada: might drop to .05, in case things don’t go exactly as planned with ETC there could be an opportunity to buy back in at .05. I’m trying to calculate risk vs reward. My instincts say give it a shot, I’m just not sure how much of my stake I should commit.

i was thinking of doing to same exact thing…but was not sure of the risks if any. let me know what you decide to do or what feed back you get! thanks

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Fuck it! “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat,” I’ve committed about 62% of my stack, lets see how it goes :crossed_fingers:

Interesting strategy. I don’t see etc on coinbase but it’s up 12%

sounds good let me know how you did! all the best. by the looks of it, the worst that can happen is you would havw tethered your money and not incurred more losses like the rest of us haha

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You have even more that have a complete ludacris bull run so it really depends on what you believe :slight_smile:

5pm PT, so actually 8pm

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Best of luck!

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Congrats if you made some money. Be cautious of the dump once it is listed though.

yikes… its moving down like a brick on binance and coinbase.

I wouldn’t say a “brick” specifically :smile:, Im ok for now, still within accaptable risk limit

Ok, looks like we’re on our way now :crossed_fingers: , now if only :ada: could stay down for a while

Yeah it seemed to be on it’s way but then it got bearish again, smh.

Going against the grain it seems, wonder if It’ll keep pumping during the weekend, when people usually pull their money out