Cardano as the “King Maker”


After rewatching Charles’s video on the road map for the 3rd time, what struck me was his assessment that whoever successfully becomes the platform for interoperability between cryptos and cryptos to legacy financial institutions would be “the king maker”. If Cardano plays that roll, how does Cardano and ADA make money from that service? Is there a mechanism for fees? How does ADA play a role in the transactions? To me this is where the high volume of usage will come from. This section in the video also made it sound like it cuts out the need for exchanges at all?! If I understand this properly that is a massive game changer and a massive source of volume an the platform that should equate to increased value for ADA. I guess what I’m trying to define is revenue streams, but I’m not sure how that applies in crypto world.


I have never seen him mention this. Could you please send the link?



I’ve seen this video. I have not seem him mention “the king maker”. Do you know what time he said it? I can’t find it, sorry.


By running nodes… PoS

They have a lot of ADA


It’s towards the end…if you haven’t watched the video before good excuse to watch the entire thing…but if you like go to 18.53 secs
And watch from there. He doesn’t say Cardano is king maker. He says the small platforms that currently control like exchanges act as king makers. He then proceeds to make the case for how Cardano can replace these exchanges with the interoperability that Cardano plans to bring to the space. The question is then, is Cardano destined to be the King, the King maker or the Kingdom?


Ok I get PoS, but I would expect in the noncrypto world that there would be a value placed on the users of the infrastructure Cardano is creating. The more use it has would surely increase the value of ADA. The interoperability pillar of this project is where HUGE real world application exists. The next task is to have a market that wants to use services provided by crypto companies. Will Cardano platform be available for other block chain tech that has not been developed in the crypto world?


maybe cardano project is linux and iohk is redhat in the blockchain world… i don’t get your question it’s open and MIT license


Yes I understand it’s open and all that, does that mean Cardano can not “monetise “ the infrastructure? How does the project make money? Does all the value come from pure speculation of ADA? That seems unlikely.


watch this


I have watched this previously. I’m not sure it helps me with how the value of ADA increases, how the treasury is getting its fees, It describes how stakeholders receive ADA during treasury elections and disbursement.


why will it increase in value?


I don’t know, this is the? Do you know why ADA would not increase in value? Usually, when an investment is made a return on that investment is anticipated. Do you have a point of view that this Cardano endeavour has no ambition to increase the monetary value of the ADA?


The monetary policy does not have a policy against increasing the value of ADA, that I assume happens due to “market forces”. It does however discuss the notion of fees and that some details are yet to be determined on what % will be used towards the treasury.


Revenue streams will be available, especially if one is a major player in brick and mortar/Internet commerce transactions.

Two days ago it took an hour and nine minutes to transfer from Coinbase to Binance. Acting as an exchange would reduce delay time, and generate fees.

However, delays like that with B2B or B2C transactions are a non-starter. If one isn’t operating at the speed of today’s credit/debit card processes, Blockchain will be dead in the world of commerce.

Speed and accuracy are critical factors in universal adoption. Today lot’s of naysayers focus on blockchain slowness.

Critical key to success and a paramount obstacle to overcome; can Cardano execute?


It appears they have it as a goal. I know we are in the early stages with this project. The team needs to turn off Twitter. Get somebody to sift through the nonsense to keep the pulse of the public, but keep Charles focused on the prize. We need him to be calm cool and collected. There are some weird vibes in the water at the moment.