Cardano for Peace

Thanks to Bernard for giving me the opportunity to present our peacebuilding efforts at Loxe - powered by Cardano. This was played at the Community Summit in Johannesburg.

Get involved:

We had our first event storming session earlier today to identify events across various domains as they relate to conflict. Loxe’s Matthias Sieber, Victor Corcino, and Azbai Arreguin, MSW were joined by Tuba Bilecik, Tina Jones, Scott James, Sebastian Pabón, and Alex Seregin for an hour of putting sticky notes on a shared Miro board.

Over the next few event storming sessions we will continue to share knowledge, explore our adjacent domains to increase our understanding of the systems of conflict to improved training programs, products and services.

If you would like to be part of the next session - yet to be scheduled - please let us know.


Two weeks after the initial event storming session, we had our second session today were we added a few new perspectives, cleaned up the board a little bit and introduced commands and actors to the board.

Reach out if you want to be part of the next session.