Cardano Foundation - Stakepool registration time

Anyone knows how many days Cardano Foundation will take to accept a new stakepool registration request in Github?. I requested 2 days back but it is still pending.

Please help to know the process

Hello @Praveen,
the pull requests are usually checked daily or every other daily (except on weekends). There was an issue with automatic scripts (that check the entries in advance) that blocked us for a few days, but this is now resolved.

Good to know: we can only accept pull requests with a green tick, not with a red cross. From looking at there are only requests that are marked with a red cross. (means the automatic script says something is wrong)

If you are referring to one of them can you please link to a specific pull request?

Hi @adatainment ,

Thank you for the reply.

I can see that my request got merged one hour back. It was having an amber color not the green tick.

Link is given for your reference.

Also noticed that Shelly explorer now has my stakepool ID though meta data about the pool is missing. I hope this will be updated soon so that pool is visible in Daedalus and Yoroi wallets.

Yes, in most cases this is a sign for the mentionied problem that the automatic scripts do not check the pull requests.

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It needs some time to be propagated by all wallets etc. They are pulling new data in interval, not in real time.

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Thanks a lot for the support

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