Cardano in Yoroi Wallet on iphone spending pw not working

I have ADA staked in a pool in the Yoroi wallet on my iphone and want to withdraw all ADA including rewards to Celcius, but it says my spending pw is incorrect. I had written it down and stored it, so I am pretty sure it is correct. I also have the seed phrase but a little afraid that if the pw doesn’t work then what if there is something wrong with the seed phrase? Anyhow, I tried to find out how to get a new pw, but so many threds are saying something about a ledger and chrome extension. All I did was install Yoroi on my iphone. I did not use anything to install it other than my phone. Is Shelly the ledger? Don’t really understand the ledger thing. I am afraid to delete Yoroi from my phone and restore the app because I am afraid I will loose all of the ADA. I had another question also, that if I send the balance to Celcius, do I need to un-delegate from the pool and withdraw the rewards first? Could someone please explain how do I reset the spending pw without loosing the ADA, and considering the fact that I only have Yoroi on my phone, and never used my computer to access it. Thanks.

Hello and welcome @Crystal

You can restore your wallet with your secret phrase (seed). This will allow you to set a new spending password.


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You dont really have to uninstall or delete any wallets.

Just try to restore your wallet via and make sure your seed is correct :slight_smile: